How Do I Choose the Best Home Steamer?

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To select the right home steamer for your household, take into account the type of surface that it will be used on, also making sure that it comes with a large enough water tank to complete the job. Systems with reusable filters should also have to be considered, as is the ability to disinfect the steamer without harsh chemicals. Additional attachments like a brush, extension handle, and concentrator nozzle are other good features you may want to look for in a home steamer.

Consider a home steamer system that is compatible with different surfaces in the home. Some manufacturers sell systems that are designed for hardwood floors, the patio, glass, and other surfaces. It's usually best to select a home steamer system that allows you to control the amount of output steam, allowing you to use a low output for delicate linens or a higher steam output for stubborn dirt.

Determine whether you need a large steamer or a smaller, economical system. A home steamer designed for a smaller space will usually have a small water tank, while systems for larger areas will typically have an accommodating water compartment. If you have large areas that need cleaning, then you should select a model that is fixed with a large water compartment. More compact models will usually be cheaper, but will usually work just fine; you'll just have to refill them more frequently.


The re-usability of the filters will also need to be taken into account. Some brands require you to periodically purchase filters, which is a feature that can get expensive. Some people don't mind this expense, and prefer the ease of simply disposing of the old filter and installing a new one. Others prefer the savings of being able to wash the home steamer filter with soap and water, then reusing it.

Home steamers are viable cleaning appliances that can be safely used around children and the elderly. Most systems typically don't create or harbor air pollutants, making them particularly beneficial for allergy-sufferers. It's usually a good idea to choose a home steamer system that can tackle tasks without third-party cleansers, which can be a potential requirement for systems. The moist heat alone should be powerful enough to disinfect, clean, and deodorize.

Other parts like brushes, extension handles, and a concentrator nozzle can help streamline the cleaning process and clean bigger messes. A brush attachment may be able to remove caked on contaminants, with an extension attachment being able to clean corners. Concentrator nozzles can focus the steam onto a single point, safely cleaning and deodorizing surfaces.


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