How Do I Choose the Best Home Sitz Bath?

Anna B. Smith

The best home sitz bath is made of durable plastic and is designed to sit inside the rim of a toilet. Certain designs of this model are also equipped to be portable for individuals who travel frequently. This type of item can be purchased from medical equipment manufacturers and through Internet ordering.

Bath salts for a sitz bath.
Bath salts for a sitz bath.

A home sitz bath is a basin in which one individual can sit to fully immerse their hips and buttocks in water. This type of basin is commonly used to treat hemorrhoids and the injuries that can be associated with childbirth. Other ingredients may be added to the water like bath salts, vinegar, and herbal remedies. These items are intended to reduce swelling in affected areas, stimulate blood circulation, and kill any yeast and bacteria growing in the region. Recipes for these remedies may be located online or obtained from a health care professional.

A sitz bath allows the user to soak the hips and buttocks region.
A sitz bath allows the user to soak the hips and buttocks region.

The best home sitz bath is one that fits comfortably around the rim of a toilet when the seat is lifted up. This design allows the basin to be completely filled with water, and contains several small openings in the back towards the top of the rim to allow for any overflow. The lower portion of the basin should be flat so that the user may sit comfortably on a level surface that does not contain any inclines or sloping sides. Fresh, warm water can be added regularly to the basin to maintain a constant temperature, while excess lukewarm water flows down into the toilet.

Performing gentle exercising during pregnancy may help prevent hemorrhoids.
Performing gentle exercising during pregnancy may help prevent hemorrhoids.

The basin itself should be made of a durable plastic. This material provides a maximum amount of support for the back and hips. It can also remain rigid within the opening of the toilet without endangering the user. Some varieties of home sitz bath are made of a soft vinyl which is inflated and placed over the toilet. This material, while somewhat softer than plastic, provides no spinal support, and can slip from the edges of the toilet. It also risks coming in direct contact with potentially inflamed and sensitive areas of the body, which may remain lifted away from the edges of the bath when using hard plastic.

A sitz bath is a common way to treat hemorrhoids.
A sitz bath is a common way to treat hemorrhoids.

This type of home sitz bath may be designed to be portable. Portable versions of this bath are also designed to be used with a standard sized toilet, such as one in a hotel or a motor home. They are additionally equipped with a travel water pouch containing a mild salt water solution for bathing. This water pouch is connected to the basin by means of a rubber tube. Consumers can attach the basin to any toilet to which they have access, and fill it using the provided pouch without the concern of transporting water into the small tub. Refill pouches may be purchased in bulk from online retailers.

A sitz bath is designed to sit inside the rim of a toilet.
A sitz bath is designed to sit inside the rim of a toilet.

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@fify-- There might be sitz bath basins that do not go on the toilet, but I recommend getting the kind that does. Not only is it very easy and comfortable to use this type of sitz bath basin, but it also does not overflow. When I was young, these basins did not exist and taking a sitz bath involved sitting like a duck in a large basin on the ground with water overflowing from the sides.

The sitz bath basin that attach to the toilet have openings on one side. So if there is too much water in the basin, some of the water flows out into the toilet bowl. So taking a sitz bath is much easier and does not involve making a mess.

The attached bag is to squirt warm water with sitz salts into the basin after sitting down. This creates a nice water flow which encourage healing. It also gives you control over how much water to add. But you don't have to use it if you don't want to.


Is there a sitz bath basin that does not need to be placed on a toilet? I don't think the type that goes on the toilet will be durable enough for regular use. My doctor has advised me to use the sitz bath several times a week for many months. The baths I have seen so far look far too flimsy to last for that long.

And what is the purpose of the bag that comes attached to some sitz baths? Is the sitz bath water supposed to go in that bag first? Does it work well?

If anyone has experience with home sitz baths, it would be great to hear your opinion and advice for new users like me.


Something else to consider when buying a home sitz bath is the shape of the bath. Some toilets are oval in shape and not round.

I have an oval toilet and purchased a home sitz bath online without thinking about the shape. The bath did not fit my toilet but thankfully I was able to return it.

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