How do I Choose the Best Home Security Stickers?

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When choosing the best home security stickers, be certain they have a professional appearance. Stickers that are printed at home might look fake and do little to discourage intruders, so it is best to purchase them from a security company. Brightly colored lettering will generally attract the attention of anyone looking to enter the home illegally.

Regardless of whether or not you have installed a home security system in your house, the added insurance of using home security stickers can be an effective deterrent for keeping intruders away from your property. There are several types of stickers or decals that can be purchased online or at specialty stores. If you have a large house, look to buy a set of decals that will cover several windows on each level of your home. They should have a simple, peel-and-stick application that makes them easy to secure.

It is also a good idea to include stickers that imply you have different methods of security. For instance, you might want to apply a few stickers that warn intruders that your home is guarded by a watch dog. In addition, use stickers with cautions stating that your home is under security surveillance. The more methods of security you convey, the more threatening your house will appear to potential intruders. A burglar might be hesitant to invade the home that is seemingly protected by security devices or animals.


By mixing and matching to create your own unique set, you can create a security strategy. Apply decals on the garage door that warn of the presence of an attack dog, and you can also use these on your back patio door. Ones that warn of some type of video camera and alarm system are best placed near the largest front window or front gate. Warnings that your house has 24-hour monitoring can also work well, especially if they are printed on a bright red background.

When purchasing your set of home security stickers, look for bargain pricing. If you plan on buying a large quantity of more than five, you might be able to get a discounted price. This idea works well if you are purchasing for friends and family members. You might also consider purchasing home security signs that come with stakes for placing them in the ground around your home.


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Post 3

@Fa5t3r - It's a fact that people living in poverty are more likely to suffer from crime, so they are less likely to be able to afford any kind of alarm. Home security signs and stickers might be all they can get.

Personally, I've found the thing that tends to work well is putting up a little sign saying that there is a shift worker sleeping, please do not disturb. Nice and simple and you can basically make it yourself.

Post 2

@KoiwiGal - I don't know about that. If I was going to bother putting up fake security cameras (which would need to be hooked up so that they have lights going in order to fool anyone) I would probably just go all the way and actually install a security home alarm.

If you don't get too elaborate, they aren't that expensive. Particularly if you don't get the kind that link you with the police or a security firm automatically. In my experience those tend to be more annoying than they are worth, anyway, because you will constantly having to call the firm and let them know that it was only the cat setting off the alarm.

Post 1

If you're going to put up security stickers, you might as well go the whole way and put up a couple of fake security cameras as well. They aren't that expensive and they will do a lot more to deter criminals than the stickers will, particularly since criminals are well aware that people tend to have fake home security stickers.

I mean, they don't usually just smash into random houses. They stake them out for a little while to see if there is anyone home and if there is likely to be anything good to snatch. If they can see a couple of cameras they are more likely to move onto someone else.

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