How do I Choose the Best Home Remedy for Nasal Congestion?

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The flu, the common cold, or a sinus infection are usually to blame for nasal congestion. While you do have the option of using an over-the-counter medicine to treat your congestion, a lot of medicines have multiple drugs that can interact with any other medication you're on. A home remedy for nasal congestion may be the way to go. The best home treatment for nasal congestion is inexpensive and safe for both children and adults, as it simply involves keeping the nasal passages moist. Home remedies such as steam and saline solution help thin the mucus in your nose so that it drains more easily.

A good home remedy for nasal congestion for adults and older children is nasal irrigation, such as using a neti pot. You fill the pot with a salt water solution and then pour the salt water into one nostril. The water flows through your nasal passages and out of the other nostril, removing dust and debris and thinning the mucus in your nose. The warm salt water also moistens your nasal passages, providing relief from inflammation and swelling.


If you need a treatment for nasal congestion for babies or younger children, you may want to try nasal drops made of salt water. Drops made of decongestants can make congestion worse if you use them too often and they aren't safe for children. The salt water from the drops moistens the passages and helps the baby's nose to drain. You can make your own salt water drops by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodine salt with 1/2 cup of warm water.

Chicken soup has proved itself to be a great home remedy for nasal congestion through the years. Ingredients in chicken broth act as an anti-inflammatory, which helps reduce irritation and swelling in the nasal passages. The soup also thins out mucous in the nose so that it moves more readily through the nasal passages and out of the body, taking any viruses or irritants with it.

Since home remedies for nasal congestion don't involve medications or drugs, you can safely combine more than one remedy without worrying about interaction. Your best bet when choosing the best home remedy for nasal congestion is to try more than one at a time and see if your symptoms improve. Other methods of relieving nasal congestion at home include inhaling steam, either from a pot of boiling water on the stove, or by taking a hot shower. You may also want to sleep with a humidifier in your bedroom, which will prevent dry air from irritating your nasal passages.


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