How Do I Choose the Best Home Remedies for Palpitations?

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Although there are various home remedies for palpitations, it might be best to see a doctor to determine the cause of recurring heart palpitations. For occasional palpitations not caused by a heart abnormality, soothing herbal remedies may induce a natural state of relaxation and calm the irregular heartbeat. You may also find that various techniques, such as meditation or yoga, may help regulate your heart rate. Modifying the diet and eliminating caffeine may also be an effective way of managing palpitations. Perhaps the best way to choose the most effective home remedies for palpitations is by finding a stress-relieving activity that calms your nerves and works for you.

If you suffer from infrequent episodes of heart palpitations, including skipped beats or increased heart rate, examine your diet to ensure you are receiving proper nutrition for a healthy heart rhythm. If you suspect you might be deficient in essential minerals such as magnesium or potassium, try to incorporate more fresh fruits and greens into your diet. Before taking magnesium supplements, you might want to consult a physician for advise on possible interactions. In some cases, heart palpitations may also be caused by dehydration. Choosing the best remedies for palpitations may be as simple as drinking more water throughout the day.


Ask your health care provider to recommend supplements that are beneficial for a heart arrhythmia or palpitations. Extensive research touts the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. For some individuals, fish oil supplements are effective natural remedies for palpitations. It's important to note, however, that fish oil may not be recommended for some individuals, especially those taking anticoagulant medications or blood thinning drugs. Individuals with bleeding disorders also need to use caution when considering fish oil supplements.

Some types of herbal teas produce a natural calming effect and may be useful remedies for palpitations. Try drinking one or two cups of naturally decaffeinated chamomile tea each day to reduce your palpitations. As with any herbal preparation, there are precautions to consider. If you are allergic to ragweed or you are using blood thinners, it might be best to avoid the consumption of chamomile.

Not all effective remedies for palpitations are in herbal or supplement form. You might find that relaxation techniques reduce or eliminate your heart palpitations. This might mean engaging in activities that induce a calming effect, such as deep meditation or yoga. In addition, you might find that participating in a relaxing hobby such as painting or listening to music helps slow a fast heart beat and restore a healthy rhythm. Find a technique that works best for you and stick with it.


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