How do I Choose the Best Home Inspection Training?

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There are four things to look for when choosing the best home inspection training: accreditation, course material, certification, and instructor. Home inspector training is available from a wide range of community and career colleges. These programs are designed to provide the training and skills necessary to become a licensed home inspector.

Home inspectors are usually independent contractors who work for home purchasers, financial companies, or insurance companies. They provide an independent, professional review and appraisal of the property. The role of home inspector has become more important as people invest in purchasing older homes. It is very important when purchasing an older home to have a good understanding of the home's condition, so that the price offered reflects any additional work that might need to be done.

The first item to check when looking for the home inspection training is accreditation. An independent third party has inspected an accredited school. This agency has examined the administrative and academic policies and compared them against a minimum standard. Courses taken at accredited schools can be transferred to other post-secondary institutions and are accepted by certification and licensing associations.


Review the home inspection training program and course descriptions. A home inspection training program is typically eight months full time or two years part time. It is important to ensure that the courses are intended for people who want to become professional home inspectors. There are a number of courses available to homeowners, who are interested in learning more about home construction. These types of courses are not suitable.

Anyone wanting to be a home inspector must ensure that the course work is progressing toward a certificate or licensing examination. These programs have a very specific curriculum, and are focused on preparing students for the professional home inspector examination. This type of training program provides the name of the certifying agency in the course syllabus. Take the time to review and ensure that this is the correct agency for your area.

When looking at home inspection training, the most important item is the instructors. They should all be licensed master tradesmen in their fields, with many years of experience in home building and renovations. A course on structural engineering should be taught by a civil engineer and business management courses by an accountant or management professional. The information provided in these training programs determines the quality of the education and your ability to succeed upon graduation. Invest the time to validate the qualifications to ensure that they will be able to provide the level of education necessary.


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Post 7

In Arizona, the home inspector schools are about them making money. You pay for the school, then books, then tools. You have to do 30 parallel inspections. They cost between $75 and $100 each. Then take the final exam. Then lay out more money to take the state exam. I passed the first time, many do not. Then another check to AZBTR and paperwork. If they grant you the certification the problems really start. Unless you have the money to live on and go out on your own you need to apply to businesses that hire inspectors. However pretty much none are interested because you have no experience. So you have spent a great deal of time and money and

no jobs available. Big scam.

Stay away from AZ HI schools! After 90 days if you have not posted a bond and bought E&O insurance, even if not working, the state revokes your cert and you have to start over. The scam is to keep the number of inspectors down so their prices stay up.

Post 5

Do not use the American home inspectors training course. They are not concerned with training at all. The online course is difficult to navigate. You will be on the phone every day with them trying to figure out where to go. For an online computerized course, they are not computer savvy at all.

I checked the wrong box when ordering something. They charged me $150 to restock a disc and three small books. The stuff I bought was $745. I returned less than $150 worth of materials and they thought it was OK to charge me $150 for returning it. This is not a consumer friendly company.

Post 3

If I get certified to do home inspections will I also be certified to do building inspections?

Post 2

How long does the average home inspection training course take to complete? Is it a one year thing or is it similar to getting a bachelor's degree?

Post 1

Are there any online home inspection training courses? I would like to move into this kind of work because there is stability in government jobs but I do not have a lot of time or money to dedicate into getting retrained. If I could take courses online it would fit a lot more easily into my schedule.

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