How Do I Choose the Best Home Boxing Gym?

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In most cases, a home boxing gym must be built from scratch by purchasing the individual components that will fit your workout needs. The best way to choose the components that will work for you is to figure out what kind of workouts you intend to do, what your boxing and fitness goals are, and how much space you have to devote to the home boxing gym. Some people choose to set up such a gym purely for the fitness benefits, while others will set one up to train for boxing matches. The layout and components of the gym will depend entirely on what you intend to do.

If you want to set up the home boxing gym purely for the fitness benefits, consider starting small. This will give you an opportunity to first figure out if you like boxing as a fitness exercise. It will also help keep your expenses down while you figure out which exercises work best for you. Consider starting by purchasing a punching bag and some good quality boxing gloves. Then, determine where in your home you will set up the home boxing gym. Try to choose a well lit space with plenty of room for moving around the bag. You will also need to figure out how you will hang the bag; sometimes you can hang the bag from a rafter or stud, while in other cases you will need to buy a bag stand.


Once you have determined that you enjoy boxing, consider setting up other home boxing gym components. A speed bag, for example, will help you work on coordination and speed. This bag is generally quite small and it should hang higher than eye level. It usually includes a frame to protect the surrounding walls and ceiling from impacts from the bag. Be careful when choosing a spot for this component; it should be out of the way and hung at an appropriate level as dictated by the installation instructions.

Think carefully about the flooring in your home boxing gym. You will be moving around quite a bit, and standing for long periods of time, and concrete can be pretty unforgiving. Consider padded workout mats that will be easier on your leg joints over time. Rubber work mats may work well, too. You do not necessarily need to run wall to wall cushioning; instead, you can get mats that will lie beneath each workout station.


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