How Do I Choose the Best Holistic Yeast Infection Treatment?

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To get the best holistic yeast infection treatment for your particular case, you may do well to seek the help and advice of a holistic medicine practitioner. If you prefer to prepare a treatment plan on your own, however, there are many options that may prove effective. For example, you could try dietary changes to discourage the growth of yeast and probiotics to naturally suppress the fungi that cause this type of infection. You may even find the external application of diluted tea tree oil helpful.

In many cases, the best holistic yeast infection treatment is one that is chosen for you by a holistic medicine provider. Such a provider will learn your medical history and evaluate your symptoms before providing a treatment recommendation. This could prove important, as you may need a different approach to treatment than another person does. While you can opt for a treatment that generally works for others, it may not prove as suitable for your health needs.


If you are trying to choose the best holistic yeast infection treatment without the help of a holistic medicine provider, your simplest option may be changing your diet. Many of the dietary choices a person makes contribute to yeast infections, and eating certain foods, such as yogurt with active cultures, may help keep the bacteria under control. You might also find positive dietary changes, such as consuming more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, helpful as well. Many holistic practitioners also recommend drinking plenty of water when you are attempting to conquer yeast.

In many cases, you may also do well to avoid certain foods. For example, holistic medicine experts often recommend avoiding alcoholic beverages, caffeine, and dairy products. Eating a lot of refined sugar may contribute to these infections as well, so eating less may help. In fact, if you can exclude refined sugar from your diet altogether, that may prove even better. Other foods to avoid include those made from refined flour, foods that are fried, and dietary selections that contain a good deal of oil.

Probiotics are also considered among the best holistic yeast infection treatments. Probiotics are living organisms that are normally present in the digestive tract as well as in the vagina. These organisms are considered friendly, as they help stop harmful or undesirable organisms from growing and thriving. Among the organisms probiotics are effective for suppressing is Candida, which is a fungus responsible for causing yeast infections. Probiotic products often can be found in grocery stores in the form of drinks or smoothies; yogurt with active cultures also is considered a probiotic food.

Some people also find tea tree oil helpful as a holistic yeast infection treatment. This treatment isn't used internally, however. Instead, you may do well to dilute the oil and then apply it topically to the affected area. When used this way, it may help to relieve some of the symptoms of a yeast infection.


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