How Do I Choose the Best High Heels for Girls?

Wanda Marie Thibodeaux

When a person is looking for the best high heels for girls, she should look at the heel width and height, the width and design of the sole and toe, the girl's body type, color, style and the time of day the shoe is tried. Even though looking good is a main reason why a girl would want to wear a heeled shoe, investigation should make safety and comfort a priority. Regardless of the girl's fashion sense or body type, a lower, slightly wider heel usually is a good starting point.

High heels.
High heels.

The most important aspect of choosing high heels for girls is safety. Unlike experienced, more-seasoned heel wearers, girls are not accustomed to adjusting stride length and balancing properly in a heeled shoe. They also have not conditioned the muscles of the feet and ankle to handle the adjusted angle heels create. The best options for girls thus are shoes with a wider heel, such as those with a wedge or chunky design, as these provide greater stability.

Shoes with thicker heels offer more stability and comfort.
Shoes with thicker heels offer more stability and comfort.

The height of the heel is just as important to safety in a girl's shoe as heel width. The higher the heel, the greater strain is placed on the feet, knees, hips and lower back. It's a good idea to start with a low heel, gradually working up to higher ones, especially given that a girl's body is still developing. If a girl has to bend her knees to walk in the heel, or if she cannot rise off her heel while leaning forward on her toes, the heel is too high.

The higher the heels, the more strain that's placed on the feet and other body parts.
The higher the heels, the more strain that's placed on the feet and other body parts.

Related to safety with high heels for girls is comfort. Girls, similar to older women, need shoes they can wear for an extended period of time. The width of the entire shoe should be sufficient enough that the foot does not feel pinched. The shaping of the toe is also significant — go with a round, square or open toe that does not compress the toes together. Pointed high heel shoes may look cute, but they can cause serious problems such as corns and even toe deformities as the girl grows, making it harder for the toes to naturally spread and stabilize the body.

Once a person has narrowed choices down based on safety and comfort considerations, it's time to look at the overall design of the shoe compared to the girl's body type. In general, girls with thinner builds need a thinner or less bulky shoe, while just the opposite is true for those with heavier or wider builds. This keeps everything looking proportionate. Similarly, shorter girls should avoid high heels for girls that wrap around the ankle, as these cut off the length of the leg and make a petite girl look even shorter.

Next, think about what the girl will have to do in the shoe. For example, a thicker heel can be great for an awards ceremony or similar event, but if a girl wants to dance, a thinner heel will be less restrictive and allow better movement. The more the girl needs to remain on her feet, the lower the heel should be to prevent fatigue.

When a girl is first starting to wear heels, look for shoes in neutral colors such as black. These will pair better with more outfits, making the heels more versatile. Even though neutral colors are good, the shoe style still should match the girl's personality and general fashion sense. This way, she will be more likely to wear the shoes.

One final tip for choosing high heels for girls is to look at the shoes during the late afternoon or early evening. Fluids tend to build up in the lower limbs, including the feet, during the course of the day, a consequence of gravity. It's best to size the shoe when the feet are at their largest point to avoid the shoes feeling too small as the day wears on.

The width and height of the heel is important to look at when choosing the best high heels for girls.
The width and height of the heel is important to look at when choosing the best high heels for girls.

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@indigomoth - I hardly ever wear heels and I've worked in all kinds of places. As long as you wear tidy, smart looking shoes it doesn't matter whether they have a heel or not.

I don't think it should be a big deal either, but I think it really comes down to the examples the girl sees in her everyday life. If her mother will never go without heels and makes a fuss over women who don't wear them, then the girl is naturally going to feel like she should be wearing them too.


@bythewell - I don't think children should be encouraged to wear high heels, but I don't think it will damage them forever if they occasionally wear them to a dance or whatever.

In fact, it might be a case of reducing the power of mystique for girls by letting them wear heels sometimes if they want, so they'll be less likely to associate that type of shoe as being something special.

Like it or not, women are often expected to wear heels and there's no getting around that, especially in particular workplaces or societies. So the sooner a girl learns how to carry herself well in heels, the better, in my opinion. Just don't let her wear them all day, every day.


I don't think anyone should be kept from wearing what they want to wear, but only within reason. And young girls should not be encouraged to wear high heels. Heels might seem harmless because so many women wear them, but they do enough damage to adult legs and feet, without subjecting children to them. They can cause issues with the foot and shorten the calf muscle in ways that might never be fixed properly and can cause pain for the rest of the girl's life.

It's cute when girls play dress-ups in their mother's high heels, but it should be explained that those are shoes for grown-ups and not to be worn by children as a regular dress item.

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