How Do I Choose the Best Herbs for Concentration?

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Using herbs for concentration may be a natural, healthier option for those wishing to increase their cognitive abilities and improve short- and long-term memory. The best herbs for concentration include the most researched herbs, such as ginseng, ginkgo biloba and golden root, as these have been shown to somewhat improve memory and concentration in most individuals. Researchers point out that, although herbs seem to be a safer alternative, they can still have negative side effects if taken over the recommended dosage. These negative effects include sleeplessness, tiredness and bleeding risk, which can be aggravated if taken with other medications.

When many individuals seek assistance from herbs for concentration improvement, the first botanical often recommended by natural specialists is ginkgo biloba. Although there exists some controversy as to whether this herb can indeed increase concentration levels, some studies have suggested it may be helpful for some individuals. Most studies on herbs for concentration strengthening show that ginkgo does improve short-term memory and concentration, yet this isn't always helpful for long-term memory storage. Often, this herb is taken in capsule form, and although natural and safe for the majority of individuals, people should avoid using too much at any one time.


Studies on ginseng, an herb native to North America and Eastern Asia, have shown that those who consume the herb become more alert and are able to concentrate well on specific tasks. The other benefit to choosing this herb is that many study participants have demonstrated enhanced memory as well as improved performance in subjects such as arithmetic. Many of the researchers note that the benefits of ginseng can be enhanced when combined with ginkgo biloba. More research is needed on these herbs for concentration to determine if the combination of these botanicals can be safely used in the majority of individuals.

One of the lesser known herbs for concentration is golden root, which has been shown to help improve cognitive abilities. Studies show that golden root may be helpful in reducing stress, which may make it useful in aiding concentration during exams. Golden root is usually safe when taken at a recommended dosage, yet can cause sleeplessness in some users as well as increase depression risks if combined with additional medications. Speaking with a doctor or qualified natural health specialist should help an individual determine the correct dosage.


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