How Do I Choose the Best Herbal Treatment for Ovarian Cysts?

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Herbal treatment for ovarian cysts can include black cohosh, milk thistle, chasteberry, wild yam, and dandelion. Most of these herbs balance hormones to help the body increase the production of progesterone, a female hormone that encourages regular menstruation and helps dissolve ovarian cysts. A few of these herbs help tone and cleanse the organs, which may also help balance hormones. Too many toxins in the body not only causes health to become unbalanced, it can do the same thing for hormones. Those taking herbal remedies for ovarian cysts should always contact a doctor before beginning a regimen.

Ovarian cysts are generally round, firm growths that occur on the ovaries when something is wrong with the hormones. These cysts may be very small or very large. Small cysts may be treated with herbs or chemical birth control, but big growths may need to be removed surgically. Since small cysts sometimes grow into larger ones, it can be important for women with this problem to treat it quickly. Some believe herbal treatment for ovarian cysts is gentler than chemical hormone therapy.


Black cohosh is an herb native to North America that enjoys the dappled shade of tall trees. It has conical flower clusters that are usually pale in color. The medicinal portion of the plan is the root, which is usually black. When used in teas and herbal capsules, the roots are cleaned, dried, and ground into powder. This herb may also be used to prevent or end pregnancy, so pregnant and nursing women should avoid it.

Chasteberry is a sub-tropical plant that bears small, red, spicy fruits that are dried and used as part of herbal treatment for ovarian cysts. The tea is often taken to regulate menstruation and tone the muscles around the uterus, which may relieve menstrual tension. This concentration of work in and around the uterine area also helps to balance sexual hormones, which is how it helps to regulate ovarian cysts.

Milk thistle and dandelion both help to cleanse and tone liver function, which typically makes it easier for the body to rid itself of waste. Both of these weedy plants are native to North America and Europe, making them widely available to herbalists. As mild diuretics, they encourage the system to flush and may make the patient feel lighter after a few doses. Reducing toxin buildup in the system may prevent cysts by preventing waste buildup around the ovaries.

Wild yam has long been used both as natural birth control and to help young women regulate their menstrual cycles. It encourages progesterone production, just like black cohosh. This wild root vegetable may be taken in capsule form, or spread over the abdomen as a cream. It may also help pull toxins out of the muscles, cleansing the system of waste. Women thinking about using wild yam or any other herbal treatment for ovarian cysts should always speak to a doctor about allergies, dosage amounts, and herb combinations before taking anything.


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