How do I Choose the Best Herbal Slimming Tea?

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Tea is a cool refreshing drink that provides the benefits of good taste and many antioxidants. Many herbal teas are available today that provide health benefits and mood stabilization. Herbal slimming tea is a product that has additives to assist the body in burning fat. Green tea and teas with ephedra are well known to stimulate the body into burning additional calories throughout the day.

Green tea is particularly rich in many antioxidant properties. These substances have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anticancer benefits, but green tea has the additional benefit of fighting body fat accumulation. Aside from fighting heart disease and cancer, an herbal slimming tea can increase metabolism and increase the burning of unwanted body-fat.

A herbal slimming tea typically includes a form of stimulus that causes the heart to beat faster then normal. When adding high energy teas to a diet caution should be taken during the first few weeks to monitor the effects the tea has on the body. This gives the body time to adapt to the new herbal supplement.

Many diet teas are considered to be diuretic. This type of herbal slimming tea can cause an individual to lose weight through excessive bowel movements similar to a laxative. While these teas are a good method to lose some quick weight, they should be taken in moderation.


The chemical makeup of many diet teas includes several natural plant-based laxatives. Many of these plants have side effects in humans. These typically include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps. These side effects are more prevalent when the tea is taken in higher dosages.

Most Chinese diet teas include additional additives that will cause an individual to lose weight by flushing the system of fluids. This cleansing approach to dieting should be executed on a periodic basis similar to fasting. This will ensure that long-term side effects of herbal slimming tea are limited.

Ma huang tea is a tea made with ephedra. The supplement has been used in the eastern cultures for centuries as a remedy for several ailments. The herbs in ma huang tea speed up an individual’s heart rate. This herb also has diuretic attributes similar to green tea, which helps with quick weight loss.

Ephedra is an herbal remedy for asthma and common colds. This supplement causes excessive heart rate, which can speed up the metabolism. Many ephedrine products are used by bodybuilders to help with promote extra energy during an exercise program. These type of products are typically labeled as energetic teas and can be used during a workout program.


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I'll say that slimming teas are good for weight loss, but if you are going for more efficient weight loss, try Best Weight Loss Pills. Just make sure to consult your doctor before taking it.

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