How do I Choose the Best Herbal Heat Packs?

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Many people suffer from muscular, joint and tendon pains from time to time. Some choose to use herbal heat packs to help with pain relief. These types of natural treatments can be used with or in place of other types of pain relief methods, such as over-the-counter or prescription medications and hydrotherapy. If you are looking for the best herbal heat packs for your specific ailment or injury, consider the location of the pain as well as the actual cause of the pain. You’ll be able to choose from several types of heat packs and many types of herbs for your treatment plan.

There are several sizes and types of herbal heat packs available. For example, if you suffer from chronic shoulder and neck pain, you can use a heat pack that wraps around your shoulders and neck. If you have chronic eye pain caused by migraine headaches, you can purchase an herbal heat pack that resembles a night eye mask. There are larger heat packs designed for the lumbar area, if you are looking to treat lower back pain. You can also find herbal heated slippers for arch or foot pain.

Different herbs work to treat different pain symptoms. Choose herbal heat packs that feature specific scents designed to relieve your injury or ailment. Many herbal heat packs include lavender seeds or leaves. Lavender works to relieve headaches, insomnia and stress-induced pain.


Peppermint is commonly found in foot lotions and feet herb packs, because it can help to reduce swelling and pain. Other popular healing herbs for muscle aches and strains include black pepper, juniper, rosemary and arnica. If you suffer from sinus infections or a cold, consider using a heat pack that features eucalyptus. This herb is found in decongestant medicines and can help to relieve many types of respiratory disorders.

Some people choose to buy pre-made heat packs or make their own herbal heat packs to fit their specific ailments. If you want to create an herbal heat pack to use on your back, shoulders, neck or forehead, all you need is an athletic sock, rice and your essential oils or herbs of choice. Simply mix uncooked rice with herb leaves and seeds, or douse it with your essential oils. Place the rice into a sock and then tie the open end into a knot to close it. When you need a hot pack, place the rice sock in the microwave for about two minutes, then place it on your injured area.


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