How Do I Choose the Best Henna Shampoo?

Henna shampoo is a type shampoo that contains ingredients derived from the henna plant. To choose the best henna shampoo, first determine whether you want a shampoo that is staining or non-staining. Non-staining shampoos are designed to condition and soften the hair, while other henna shampoos can be used to create henna highlights or enhance a user’s hair color. If you want a shampoo that will deposit permanent pigment, select a product according to the color you wish to enhance. Your last consideration should be the overall quality of the shampoo, which will depend on its ingredients and the freshness of the product.

While shopping for a henna shampoo, you should first consider whether a shampoo is staining or non-staining. If a shampoo contains henna dye, it will permanently stain or add highlights to the hair. Non-staining henna shampoos are not designed to add color to the hair. Instead, these shampoos use extracts from the henna plant to condition, soften and improve the health of the hair. To use henna for hair that has previously been bleached or dyed with chemical products, select a non-staining shampoo to avoid damaging your hair.

If you want to enhance your hair color with a henna shampoo, it is important to determine what dye the shampoo contains. Pure henna dye is a deep red or reddish orange. If you want to add red pigment to your hair, choose a shampoo that contains pure henna dye or extract. On brown or blond hair, henna shampoo will give the hair a slightly red or strawberry sheen. If you already have red hair, henna shampoo will brighten and enhance your hair color.

It is also possible to purchase henna shampoos that are designed to add different pigments to the hair. These shampoos typically contain henna dye as well as additional plant dyes, chemicals or metallic salts. To select a shampoo for blond, black or brown hair, look for products that will add the correct tones to your hair. You might also want to avoid shampoos that contain metallic salts or other chemicals as these can be damaging.

In addition to containing henna, the best shampoos will also contain high quality, natural ingredients. To add shine, softness and moisture, henna shampoos frequently contain aloe, plant extracts and natural humectants. Many henna shampoos are also free of damaging perfumes, preservatives and other chemicals. To choose the best henna shampoo, look for one that contains a variety of nourishing ingredients that will improve the health and manageability of your hair.

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Post 3

@ankara-- It can be a little tricky and henna shampoos don't work the same on everyone.

My sister and I both tried the same henna shampoo recently. Her hair color did get a little darker from it, but mine didn't change at all!

If you don't want your hair color to change, try a henna shampoo that looks clear in the bottle. Since henna is naturally colored, a shampoo that's clear probably just has henna extract. And of course, you can check the ingredients for the extract versus the actual henna leaves.

Post 2

@ankara-- Yea, you should be able to tell from the label whether it will change your hair color or not. But if you want to be absolutely sure, check out reviews of the product online.

I personally use one that is staining, to bring out the natural red tone in my hair. And the product specifically says that it has been formulated for red hair, so it was easy for me to select it.

There are definitely henna shampoos for various different hair tones. You might be looking at the wrong brands perhaps. Usually salon brands will offer more choices when it comes to hair tones.

Post 1

A friend of mine was telling me about henna shampoo the other day. She said that henna is really good for hair and helps strengthen it. She used it for several weeks and was really happy with the results. She said her hair was softer and shinier.

But she has red hair and so it's not a big deal if the henna shampoo makes her hair red. I want to try henna shampoo too but I'm scared that it will make my brown highlights turn orange. That would be a nightmare!

At the same time, my hair has been really dry and damaged lately from all the styling. So I definitely need a shampoo that's more therapeutic.

Here's my question. How do I know if a henna shampoo is staining or non-staining? Will it actually say on the label?

And where can I get a henna shampoo with brown pigments? I have never seen these.

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