How Do I Choose the Best Henna Pens?

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First, decide whether you want a pen to apply henna paste or a cosmetic henna pen that contains henna extract. A disposable henna pen for use with henna paste can be pre-filled and made from plastic or foil. Other henna tattoo pens are made from materials like sterling silver and are reusable. These henna pens should have a reasonable capacity and a nozzle that allows the paste to flow out evenly and easily. Cosmetic henna pens come in a variety of colors, contain natural ingredients, and can be used on the eyes, eyebrows, and the lips.

Henna pens can come in various forms, so decide how you'll be using the henna. If you want to apply henna tattoos, purchase a henna pen that is made especially for this purpose. These pens work with henna paste and allow for a thick, raised application. Cosmetic henna pens contain henna extract, look like felt-tip pens, and usually have two tips, one smaller tip for detail work and a larger one to fill in large areas of color. These pens are used as semi-permanent natural cosmetics.


Disposable pens are used to create henna tattoos, and they usually come filled with henna paste. This is a convenient option if you don't want to purchase and mix your own henna, but you may find that the henna paste is not very fresh. These pens are usually made from plastic or foil, and the plastic pens look like tubes with plastic nozzles attached to the front. The foil pens are cone-shaped and serve both as the packaging and the applicator for the paste.

Henna tattoo pens can also be made from materials like sterling silver, and in this case, the pens are reusable. These pens are not sold containing henna paste, and you should expect to make your own every time you want to use the pen. This may be a more cost-effective option if you plan on using the pen regularly.

A henna pen for tattooing should hold a reasonable amount of henna paste. Look for a pen that holds enough henna paste for at least ten applications. Once the pen is empty it must either be discarded or refilled. Look for a henna pen with a fine nozzle that is suitable for detailed work. The nozzle should also allow for easy and even application. Pens that come in the form of foil cones do not have nozzles, as such, but once you snip off the end with a pair of scissors the tip serves as the nozzle.

If you are looking for cosmetic henna pens, you must choose the right color. These pens come in a variety of colors, even colors you would not usually associate with henna. Common examples include colors such as bright green, pink, or blue.

It is best to look for a cosmetic henna pen that contains 100% natural ingredients. Some henna pastes or formulas contain potentially harmful ingredients, so always check the ingredient list before purchase. Black henna in particular can cause skin reactions, so you may want to steer clear of products that contain it.

A cosmetic henna pen may be formulated for use on the eyebrows, eyes, or lips, so double check to make sure that you have purchased the right type of pen. Some eyeliners and lip liners can be used as brow liners as well, but check the product description or label first to make sure. If you are unsure of which type of henna pen to purchase, you might get a henna kit that contains both the tattoo pens, tattoo cones, and even cosmetic henna pens. This may be a good way to familiarize yourself with the different type of henna pens.


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Post 3

@bear78-- Were they fresh? The biggest issue with henna pens is that the henna may turn out to be old. Who know how long ago those pens were manufactured. When the henna is not fresh, the color doesn't come out as good as it should. I've had this issue many times.

What I do now is make my own henna paste with fresh henna powder and water. I also make my own plastic cones by simply taping a thick plastic into a cone shape. I put the henna in it and use it as a henna pen.

Yes, it's more of a hassle. But it's worth it. The color comes out great.

Post 2

There is a Middle Eastern grocery near me that sells henna pens individually. I've used them a few times. They're good. They're easy to use and there is no mess. The price is good too.

Post 1

"Henna pens" or "henna markers" are not really henna products. They are regular cosmetic dyes. Some contain henna extract but some don't even contain that. The shades simply come in various shade of henna color like dark red or bright red. But even the colors don't look very natural.

A true henna pen is simply a plastic container with henna paste inside that can be squeezed with varying thickness to make designs. I've actually not heard many people call these henna pens. They are usually referred to as henna cones.

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