How Do I Choose the Best Henna Courses?

Laura M. Sands

Choose the best henna courses by first only seeking classes that are taught by professional henna artists. If a license is needed in your jurisdiction for you to engage in a henna art career, then seek henna classes that will help you qualify for certification. Select the henna courses that offer you the most comprehensive education about henna tattoos, including the history of henna art, its various uses and applications, and healthy skin safety.

Professional henna artists offer classes on creating henna body art.
Professional henna artists offer classes on creating henna body art.

Henna courses that are taught by a professional who has actually spent time working in a henna art career are of great value when seeking henna artist training. When comparing courses, be sure that instructors are professional and, if certification is needed to practice a henna art career in your area, seek instructors who have already completed the certification process. Avoid courses taught by instructors who have not worked as henna artists or who have only done so for brief periods. A professional with experience in the industry is more likely to offer you comprehensive training in addition to practical insight about working as an artist after you have completed your henna course.

Requirements to work in a henna art career may vary by jurisdiction.
Requirements to work in a henna art career may vary by jurisdiction.

Requirements to work in a henna art career may vary by jurisdiction. If you plan to work in an area where a license is needed to practice as a henna artist, be sure to only consider henna courses that will prepare you for certification. Even if you are only planning to acquire this skill for personal use, it may be a good idea to seek professional henna courses that prepare students for certification just in case you decide to look for henna art jobs at some time in the future.

Online henna courses and home study courses may be good options to consider along with courses at brick-and-mortar locations as long as they offer a comprehensive education in henna art. When considering courses, give priority to those that teach the history of henna art along with its various uses. In addition to actual designs and applications, other subjects taught should include healthy skin preparation and safety, as well as the proper removal of a henna tattoo. Also known as mehndi art, many henna courses also instruct in using henna to decorate objects, such as cakes, stationery and candles. If you are interested in other henna uses beyond tattoos, be sure to select henna courses that offer such instruction.

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My best friend and I visited some cake shops last week to select a wedding cake. There was one cake which basically had a henna design in frosting all over. It was so beautiful. Since my friend's wedding reception has an Indian theme (she's Indian, her husband is American), it was the perfect choice.


@candyquilt-- I absolutely agree with you. If you want to do this as a profession, you need to have the skill to do the most difficult designs. If you are already artistic and have done things like painting in the past, it may come easy. But you still need practice.

Bridal henna is the most difficult. Not just because the designs are very detailed and cover large areas of skin, but also because it takes many hours to complete them. So it's also a work of dedication.

Keep looking for a course taught by an instructor with many years of experience. My instructor was Indian and she had been making henna designs since she was a young girl. She was so skilled, I learned a lot from her.


I don't need a certificate to work as a henna artist in my area. I just want to find a henna artist who has a lot of experience and can teach me to do very intricate designs. I want to do bridal henna as part time work in my free time. So far, I haven't found anyone. I've met a few people but they only have a few years experience and have mostly done small henna tattoos.

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