How do I Choose the Best Heavy Duty Stapler?

G. Wiesen

Choosing the best heavy duty stapler is typically about determining your own stapling needs and finding the right machine that fits those needs. You should consider how many sheets you will need to staple together, on average, and ensure you find a machine that can meet that need. If you plan on stapling a fairly wide range of different sheet amounts, then you should ensure the stapler can handle these different amounts as well as fit staples of different sizes. You may also consider a heavy duty stapler that is easy to use and that includes features such as tools for clearing out jammed staples and a lifetime warranty.

Heavy duty electric staplers will be required to tackle a large stack of paperwork.
Heavy duty electric staplers will be required to tackle a large stack of paperwork.

A heavy duty stapler is a type of stapler designed specifically for stapling together a high number of sheets of paper at once. Most staplers can easily staple together anything from about two to 25 sheets of paper without major problems. Beyond this upper limit, however, a standard stapler will usually have difficulty properly driving a staple through the paper and keeping the pages together. A heavy duty stapler, however, is designed to handle 100 or more pages, and to ensure the staple properly penetrates each sheet and is bent to hold them.

As you look for the best heavy duty stapler for your needs, you should usually begin with considering how many sheets of paper you will need to staple together. If you know you will need to staple 200 sheets together, then you will need to find a stapler that can handle that need. A heavy duty stapler can vary quite a bit in maximum capacity, which can often be from 100 to 250 sheets.

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You should also be sure that the heavy duty stapler you choose can handle a wide range of amounts, if that is what you will need. Different sized staples are often best for stapling different amounts of paper; a 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) staple is often best for about 40 to 90 sheets of paper, while a one inch (2.54 cm) staple may be needed for 200 sheets of paper. If you need to staple a range of different amounts, then you should find a stapler that can fit these different sized staples.

The best heavy duty stapler for you should also fit your specific needs as much as possible. Many staplers will include a tool to more easily clear out jammed staples, feature soft handles that are more comfortable to use, and may use a mechanism to require less force from a user while stapling. You should also look for a stapler with a warranty, since heavy duty staplers are often quite expensive and can potentially be damaged even through proper use.

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