How do I Choose the Best Heavy Duty Electric Stapler?

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Before you choose a heavy duty electric stapler for your home or home office, you should consider a few key points. Take into consideration the amount of paper you are regularly handling. If you tend to work with large quantities at a time, you'll need a heavy duty electric stapler that can handle a large stack of paperwork or reports. If, however, your work load is smaller, you may want to choose a heavy duty stapler with a smaller caliber. Comparison shopping can often find you the best price, although prices tend to be comparable at large office supply stores.

When considering an automatic stapler, you'll need to choose between a large stationary model and a small hand-held, portable model. A heavy duty electric stapler does not have to be placed on a countertop or desk. Many of the compact models also can handle large quantities of paper.

You may want to consider the stapler's design if you plan to place it on a desktop. If your desk is black, there are coordinating staplers that have a stylish and sleek look. Others come in gray or silver, and there are even white staplers to match your decor.


Be sure to read the packaging carefully, as well. Does the heavy duty electric stapler feature an anti-jamming mechanism? This is necessary when you have a big job to be done. Paper jams or jamming of the staples can decrease productivity considerably.

Other things to consider are optional features, such as a light-emitting diode (LED) light to let you know when the stapler is in operation, and a quiet motor. Noisy staplers can be a distraction to some people, so this may be something that makes a difference to you. The length of the power cord may also be a consideration for you. Another option when choosing your new heavy duty electric stapler is whether to purchase a rechargeable model.

It's a good idea to read reviews and compare consumer ratings. Learning what other consumers have experienced with the product may give you some insight regarding which models may work best for you. Deciding whether to buy your electric stapler online or at your local supplier is another choice you'll need to make.

Customer service is another important consideration. Choose a company that has been in business a long while for better reliability. Inquire if there is a customer service telephone number in case you need assistance. Also, check to see how much coverage the warranty includes. If you can obtain a warranty for more than two years, this is a positive feature.


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