How do I Choose the Best Hanging Oil Lamp?

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Choosing the best hanging oil lamp is primarily a matter of finding one that suits your style and is durable. It also depends on what you want to use it for. Many hanging oil lamps are used to camp, while others are more for decorative appeal. Quality and design are also important, especially if choose one that has a glass cover, which can easily break if not constructed from quality material.

The hanging oil lamp has been around for thousands of years and comes in many styles. Most have a very simple design. They have a place to set the wick and the oil, and offer a way to hang the lamp. Many modern hanging oil lamps have a glass or other material surrounding them to prevent the wick from burning anything else and to block the wind. Campers and people who live in rural areas often have these types of lamps.

Choosing what you want the hanging oil lamp to look like should be your first choice. There are many lamps made to look antique, while others have a religious or other motif. They can come in a variety of shapes and styles, and are made from many materials. Brass, copper and other similar metals are common materials in these types of lamps.


If you want a more modern look or want something that is more practical, it’s best to choose one a classic style lamp that has a glass covering. This type of lamp varies widely in quality, so be sure to get one with a good quality glass so that it won’t break easily. Many of these lamps come with a bell-shaped top to reflect light and block smoke.

Whatever style or design you choose, quality is important. The main receptacle for the oil needs to be solid so it doesn’t crack from the heat, and whatever is used to hang the hanging oil lamp needs to be sturdy as well. If the lamp falls it can cause an oily mess or even a fire. Some lamps have a mechanism to adjust the wick, and if that is cheaply made it can easily break, making it difficult to keep the wick in place or light it.

Many hanging oil lamps are available online and in camping and specialty stores. It’s always best to examine a lamp up close to make sure it is of good quality. If you order one online, make sure to read the fine print to see what it is made of and if it has a warranty.


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