How Do I Choose the Best Hairstyles for round Faces with Thick Hair?

B. Miller

The best hairstyles for round faces with thick hair tend to be those that help to make the face look slimmer, and prevent the hair from becoming puffy or frizzy. It can be difficult to choose the best hairstyles for people with this particular combination of featrues, but it is helpful to search for images online or in magazines, and then discuss your options with a stylist to see what works best for you. He or she will be able to provide specific advice regarding your hair type and the types of cuts that will flatter your features. As a general rule, layered cuts tend to look best with this face shape and hair type.

A short pixie cut might work for a woman with a round face.
A short pixie cut might work for a woman with a round face.

In general, when trying to choose hairstyles for round faces with thick hair, there are some things to avoid. These mostly include short, blunt cuts, such as a chin-length bob, or blunt cut bangs straight across the forehead. This is because styles like this tend to accentuate the roundness of the face rather than minimizing it, and can make your face look even rounder. Blunt bangs have a similar effect. In addition, thick hair often does not work particularly well when it is cut in short styles like this, because it tends to have a lot of volume.

Some stylists suggest that shoulder-length layered hairstyles for thick hair look good on most facial shapes.
Some stylists suggest that shoulder-length layered hairstyles for thick hair look good on most facial shapes.

If you really want short hair, it might be necessary to go even shorter, such as a closely cropped pixie cut. On some people with defined features, this can be a really cute look. Men looking for hairstyles for round faces with thick hair might find that keeping the hair slightly longer, and of slightly varied lengths, rather than cutting it closely cropped right to the skull, helps to balance the hair and the face a little bit. It might take some trial and error to find a hairstyle that works for you, especially depending on your hair's texture.

Longer hair is often a better choice when individuals have round faces and especially thick hair. Cuts with long layers help to draw the face down, and make it look a bit longer and narrower, which is very flattering. Side swept bangs accomplish the same thing, and can really help to make a round face look thinner. People with curly hair generally find the same thing, that keeping the hair longer and layered, rather than short and puffy around the face, is a much more flattering look. Again, discussing options with a stylist, or uploading a picture online and trying different haircuts that way, can help to narrow down the choices.

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@indigomoth - That's particularly true for girls with curly hair. It's so difficult to find a hairdresser that understands curly hair that it's often better to try and find recommendations online.

If you're looking for haircut styles for round faces, that makes it even more difficult as I'm sure most of them just follow a template, rather than working with the face of the client.

If you look great in the salon and then wake up the next day and it's all gone to custard you should definitely go back and ask them to fix it. Often with thick or curly hair, the hairdresser will cut it when it's wet and it doesn't look anything like what it does when it's dry.

It's your hair, you deserve to look good.

I would go online and find examples of celebrities with round faces. Try to look at their hairstyles throughout the years, so that you can see what you think works and what doesn't.

Remember, they have to change with the times, but if you find a style that you think is timeless, there's no reason to change (unless you're in a particularly fashionable career).

I'm a big fan of going with what works. And contrary to popular opinion, not all celebrities have the ideal face shape (whatever that is!). I'm sure quite a few of them just know how to work hair styles for round faces and thick hair.

Don't be afraid to cut out a few pictures and bring them into your hairdresser so that you can talk about what it is that you want. Also, don't be afraid to change hairdressers if the one you have isn't doing anything for you.


I've found that if you keep the hair long around the face, and combine that with a bit of volume at the back of the head, you can make a face seem longer as well.

Think of those Jackie Kennedy styles that women wore in the 50's. I wouldn't go quite that far, but if you scrunch the hair at the back of the head before brushing it, it will keep a bit of volume and sit slightly higher than the rest of the style, adding a bit of length to the overall look.

Of course, everyone is different and it might not work as well for you as it does for me, but it's a quick and easy hair style for round faces.

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