How Do I Choose the Best Haircut Scissors?

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Haircut scissors have greatly evolved over the course of the last few decades. They now come in a variety of styles to accommodate the needs of both professional hairstylists or individuals who prefer cutting their own hair. When choosing haircut scissors, there are five primary factors to keep in mind. These include the blade length, blade type, handle, thumb grip and price.

When considering blade length, there are two basic options. Short blades are under 6 inches (15.24 cm) and work well for haircuts requiring detail. These are pretty much a must for professional hairstylists or for cutting close to the head. Long blades are over 6 inches (15.24 cm), and are more limited in the styles they can achieve. They are mainly designed for cutting thick hair and creating bob hairstyles.

There are also two main types of blades for haircut scissors. Convex blades work well for a variety of hairstyles and are great for slide cutting. Beveled blades are ideal for styles that involve layering and tapered haircuts.

Handles on haircut scissors come in a variety of types, and the type chosen should provide the user with the maximum level of comfort and control. Opposing grips are one of the most common types, and are ideal for individuals who use their thumb and middle finger when cutting. Offset grips are best for cutting with the thumb and ring finger. The final type is a crane grip, which is deliberately angled to provide extra comfort for those who experience pain in the wrist after prolonged cutting. This is often the best choice for professionals who cut hair on a consistent basis.

Another factor to consider when looking at haircut scissors is the thumb grip. There is the standard grip, which is very versatile and is ideal for cutting a variety of styles. If the individual wants increased comfort, then a cutaway grip is probably the best choice. The other choice is a rotating thumb grip, which is one of the newer types and is designed to reduce strain on the hand and wrist. This is probably the best choice for those who experience arthritis.

The price is also a big factor when making a choice. The cost of haircut scissors can differ dramatically and is usually based on the quality and longevity of the product. Often scissors in the lower price range are sufficient for individuals who only plan occasionally using them. If the scissors will be used frequently, then it's better to go ahead and purchase better quality scissors that are a bit more expensive. These tend to last much longer and usually come with extended warranties.

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