How Do I Choose the Best Haircut for a round Face?

Judith Smith Sullivan

A round face is characterized by a lack of angles, "chubby" cheeks, and the appearance of a shorter neck. The best haircut for a round face will elongate the face by drawing the eye up the face toward the eyes or down to the lips and chin. Flattering looks often frame the face with chin length bobs, gentle curls, layers, and bangs.

A stylist will gladly answer questions from a client looking to change their hairstyle.
A stylist will gladly answer questions from a client looking to change their hairstyle.

Before deciding on the hairstyle you want, you should determine two things: how much time and how much money you are willing to spend on your hair. Sometimes very flattering styles can be costly or time consuming. For instance, hair that is dyed, highlighted, permed, relaxed, or cut shorter than shoulder length will require regular trips to the salon. Very long styles can also require a time consuming daily styling regimen.

Bangs can frame a face, and are a popular choice for a round face.
Bangs can frame a face, and are a popular choice for a round face.

A variety of styles flatter a round face, but all usually have one of two thing in common: bangs or movement. Bangs frame the face, creating definition, making your cheekbones stand out, and drawing attention to your chin. They also soften straight styles, which can look severe on a round face. Movement is created with layers and soft curls or waves in the hair. These can make your face appear longer because they fall to the sides of your face.

Soft curls create movement around a face.
Soft curls create movement around a face.

Before you visit a stylist to get a haircut, you need to assess your hair type, as it will affect what kind of style looks best on you. For instance, straight or wavy hair of most textures and thicknesses can accommodate more styles than curly hair. If you have curly hair, look for a stylist who specializes in curly hair to avoid a cut that is too short or too full.

A low maintenance haircut for a round face is shoulder length with long layers and bangs. It usually only requires 10 to 15 minutes of styling every day. The bangs should be slightly longer on the sides than in the middle or swept to the side. In the weeks following a haircut, your stylist will typically trim your bangs, free of charge, in less than five minutes.

If you don't mind visiting the salon every four to six weeks, a chin length bob is another good haircut for a round face. Blunt or layered, this cut gives definition to your face, focusing the eye on your jaw and chin line. It looks especially flattering with bangs, either straight or side-swept.

Long, sweeping layers with a little curl are an especially flattering haircut for a round face. With or without bangs, this style has great versatility since it can also be worn in a loose bun or other up-do. It requires infrequent visits to the salon, so this style is also more budget friendly than other styles. It may take up to 30 minutes just to blow dry your hair everyday, especially if it is thick. If you have a natural wave, however, you may find that you can let it air dry, saving yourself a lot of time.

Short bob hairstyles may not always work well with round faces.
Short bob hairstyles may not always work well with round faces.

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@donasmrs-- Yes, bangs are a great way to add movement which will take attention off of your round face. If you have a very short forehead, then consider getting side bangles which will not cover all of your forehead but will still add movement.

Also, I highly recommend getting layers in your hair. Layered hair looks beautiful on women with round hair. But have the layers cut with scissors rather than a razor, especially if your hair is thick.


I had no idea that bangs make a round face look longer. I've never had bangs before. I asked my stylist about it once but she was against it because of my really short forehead. She felt it wouldn't look nice. Maybe I should give bangs a try though.


I actually think that long hair is best for women with a round face. I used to have very long hair and I never realized how it makes my face look longer. After I got my hair cut short, I noticed that my face looks even rounder. I think that long hair was actually giving my face a longer, narrower look. My hair is not curly but it's not completely straight either. It has some natural waves which really works for my face shape when my hair is long. I'm going to grow my hair again for this reason.

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