How Do I Choose the Best Hair Weave for Thinning Hair?

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Choosing the best hair weave for thinning hair can sometimes be challenging without possibly damaging your hair further. Weaves that put as little strain as possible on your strands are considered the best for thinning hair. Some types of hair weaves are attached with stitches to rows of small, tight braids known as cornrows, and most stylists do not recommend this choice of hair weave for thinning hair, as cornrows often make the problem worse with further hair breakage. A hair weave that is attached with certain bonding glues is generally preferable for hiding thinning hair.

Natural causes of thinning hair can include age, heredity, and hormone fluctuations, and the heavy use of chemical processes on your hair can also lead to hair loss over time. Bleaching and permanent waving are particularly common causes of thinner patches where the hair breaks off at the scalp. Wearing a weave for hiding thinning hair can be beneficial, provided an experienced hairdresser applies one that is best for your hair type. Once you have found the right hair weave, some additional measures can help prevent thinning hair from worsening. These steps include following a balanced diet plan and taking certain supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids.


Although the goal of a weave is to create a natural appearance of thicker locks, a hair weave for thinning hair should ideally be made from lightweight material. Many weaves made from human hair are not as heavy as those made from synthetic hair, and these carry a lower risk of pulling out more of the natural hair. A weave that is designated a flat weave is also a better choice for thinning hair because many stylists find that it fits well against the natural contours of the head.

A frequently recommended hair weave for thinning hair is one that is applied with keratin bonding techniques. This option entails attaching small strands of human hair to pieces of the natural hair with specialized adhesive. The bonding points are typically close to the scalp but not tightly against it because this method places far less stress on the thin natural hair. The strands used in a keratin bonded weave are applied either with liquid keratin adhesive or with solid keratin that needs to be melted and bonded to the natural hair with a flat iron. A good hair weave for thinning hair is usually one that can be secured with a cold application of liquid keratin that dries on its own without the use of heat.


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