How Do I Choose the Best Hair Spray for Hair Loss?

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Hair loss is a source of inconvenience and embarrassment for many people, and a wide array of hair loss products have emerged to combat this condition. When an individual who has experienced hair loss is searching for a good hair spray for hair loss, he or she should primarily consider the desired effect of the spray. If cosmetic cover-ups of small bald spots are desired, for example, colored hair spray might be the best option. Desired hair restoration, however, might require sprays that have certain pharmaceutical enhancements. Other options for the consumer who has experienced hair loss include volumizing hair spray and a consultation with medical and hairstyle professionals.

There generally are two initial consequences of hair loss: thinning of the hair and bald spots. The first type of hair loss occurs when the loss is distributed evenly over the entire scalp, which leads to an overall decrease in the hair’s thickness and amount. Hair shafts also tend to be thinner, which further decreases the overall volume of the hair. Bald spots, on the other hand, happen when hair loss is contained within a specific area of the scalp, leading to patches of the scalp where little or no hair is visible. Genetics, hormonal changes and infectious skin conditions are some of the common causes of hair loss.


Two primary options exist in hair spray for hair loss baldness. Individuals who have small patches of baldness might prefer a colored hair spray. These products contain special dyes that mimic various hair colors and shades. When this type of hair spray is applied to the hair, it dyes the scalp in exposed areas, giving the illusion of more hair.

More pervasive pattern baldness likely will necessitate a more restorative hair spray for hair loss. In other words, a hair spray should help stop hair loss and regrow lost or damaged hair. Effective products of this nature usually contain certain additives, such as amino acids, zinc and vitamin B6. These nutrients promote hair health and growth, and products such as follicle-stimulating spray or restructurants contain bolstered amounts. In addition, many hair sprays for hair loss contain ingredients that block a substance known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT), because imbalances in this hormone are one of the leading causes of hair loss.

For thinning hair, a volumizing or hair-thickening product might prove to be an effective hair spray for hair loss. Volumizing hair spray works by thickening hair strands. These strengthened shafts then more easily lift from the scalp, increasing the hair’s body. To maintain the hair volume, a person might also use a hair spray that has the maximum holding ability. This means that the shape and structure of the hair will be maintained over a longer period of time after the hair spray is applied.

Pharmacies and some hair salons usually offer an array of hair spray for hair loss products. Medical-based products are more likely to be found in the pharmacy, and aesthetic products such as colored hair sprays are often part of a salon’s product stock. Employees at these outlets might be a source of advice and recommendations. Healthcare professionals who treat hair and scalp conditions — such as endocrinologists and dermatologists — might provide the most valuable insight into hair loss causes and treatments, however. For more basic hair spray evaluations that consider both price and effectiveness, a consumer can peruse online product reviews.


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Post 2

@rundocuri- Thank you for the information. My father is considering using hair spray for hair loss, but he only has a small balding spot.

I also suggested that he talk to his doctor, because there may be other options available that work even better than sprays for his hair loss issues. I think that people should always check all their options before spending money on hair loss products.

Post 1

I have a friend who has tried every kind of hair spray for hair loss that is available on the market. He told me that the only kind that he likes is volumizing hair spray. Since it works to improve the hair you have, this kind of hair spray is actually beneficial to the hair and scalp. My friend that the other kinds that attempt to mask hair loss usually look unnatural when applied.

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