How Do I Choose the Best Hair Razor?

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Hair razors come in a variety of forms, and choosing one depends on the types of locks that you have as well as the specific cut that you desire. Generally, razors for the hair are used to help texturize a style and add more body. This style is effective for many types of hair, but it can actually make curly styles frizzy. It is important that a quality hair razor be used when completely shaving the head so that the effects will last longer and the risk of cutting the skin is minimized.

The primary purpose of a hair razor is to add shape and body to a particular style. Scissors tend to create blunt ends, and razors tend to produce more angles. Generally, the best types of hair for razor cuts include those that are thick and straight. Razors can be used on both short and long hair, but cuts tend to produce the most desirable results in the former.

When choosing a hair razor for cutting, you must first consider the type of locks for which you are using it. The thickest hair usually requires a larger razor so that you do not have to cut through the same section of hair more than once. Some stylists are more comfortable with smaller, lightweight razors because they can move the tools through hair quickly. You might consider a hair razor that comes with an attached comb if you are planning on cutting dry locks.


There are certain types of hair for which razor cuts are not appropriate. The fineness of hair can be accentuated with this style, and it can be even worse if it is particularly stringy. If you have curly locks, you also should avoid the use of razors in your hair because the tools can create a frizzy effect. Wavy and curly styles can still enjoy layers, but they should instead be achieved only with traditional scissors to reduce the risk of frizz.

Another type of hair razor is used to achieve baldness. Shaving the head requires special care so that you do not cut the skin or cause any irritation. For the best results, use a single-blade, barber-style razor that is sharp; dull razors tend to cause more cuts. Razors that are intended for the face or legs do not work as well for the head, because of the extra quantity and thickness of hairs in the area. A new hair razor tends to leave more long-term results so that you can go longer between shaving sessions.


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Very informative! I use razors for texturizing and the results are fantastic, plus when combined with my trusty Saki Katana hair shears my clients have gone home super happy! I'm currently looking for a new razor. Any suggestions?

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