How Do I Choose the Best Hair Loss Lotion?

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Out of the thousands of hair loss lotions available, few are clinically proven to work. Avoid products with no scientific backing, especially if they promise a miracle cure. Instead, consider a hair loss lotion that was approved by a government or has at least shown promising results in available studies. Minoxidil in particular is often considered a highly effective topical hair loss treatment. Remember that a hair loss lotion that works for a friend might not work for you, which is normal and to be expected.

Snake oil is a term used to describe fraudulent cures for medical conditions. A lot of hair loss lotions for sale on the Internet and even in brick-and-mortar stores are snake oil. Even the most effective cures to thinning hair take about three months to work and usually must be applied on a regular basis forever to avoid losing the extra hair. A hair loss lotion that promises results within days or states that the results are permanent is likely ineffective. Worse yet, such lotions might contain ingredients that are harmful to you.


Consider a hair loss lotion that contains the chemical minoxidil, which prevents thinning and stimulates hair growth. Minoxidil is one of the most common and effective treatments for hair loss, though it does not work for everyone. An itchy scalp, mild burning sensations, and hair growth elsewhere on the body are common side effects of this topical hair loss treatment. The solution must be kept on the scalp for at least four hours every day. If the user stops treatment, he or she will eventually experience hair loss all over again.

If a minoxidil hair loss lotion does not work for you, ketoconazole might. Ketoconazole is another drug that works as a hair loss solution for some people. It has other uses, including as an active ingredient in dandruff shampoos and creams. Ketoconazole’s effectiveness is still being evaluated, but preliminary studies do not show that it is more effective than minoxidil. The strongest solutions are usually not available without a prescription, so it may be necessary to ask a general practitioner or dermatologist for one.

A product that works on a friend might not work on you, especially if there is difference in age, sex, or type of hair loss. New and improved ways of stopping or reversing hair loss are always underway, though. Although effective hair loss lotions are few and far between, a breakthrough could happen at any time. Look to trusted companies that review beauty products to determine what to try next.


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