How Do I Choose the Best Hair Extension Shampoo?

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Hair extension shampoo is a specific type of cleanser that is made for either natural or synthetic strands, and it is meant to extend the life of your pieces. Generally, you can find a shampoo at a beauty supply store that is specifically labeled for the use of hair extensions, but you might also be able to utilize drugstore versions as well, depending on the types of strands. The best shampoos for hair extensions should be free of heavy oils, such as silicone, because they can damage the pieces. It is wise to never use a poor quality hair extension shampoo, as it can break down the strands. Follow up the shampoo with a hair extension conditioner for the best results.

Water-based hair extension shampoo is made for pieces made from human hair, while synthetic ones require dry versions. Due to the nature of synthetic hair extensions, conventional shampoos can actually ruin the pieces. Shampoos for hair extensions are widely available wherever the pieces are sold, such as beauty supply stores and online wig outlets. These particular products can be quite pricey, due to the fact that they are specially formulated for hair extensions. If you are on a tight budget, you might consider using another type of hair extension shampoo, but such products should be used with care — never use a drugstore brand for synthetic hairs.


Human hair extensions might be cleansed with a conventional drugstore brand, so long as you locate a product that does not contain silicone. This particular ingredient acts as a hydration locking feature with conventional use, but this effect can actually ruin hair extensions. Silicone-free versions are generally available in the form of organic cleansers, and they can often be less expensive than beauty store hair extension shampoo.

Finding a quality hair extension shampoo can take some effort, especially if you do not use a formula that is specifically designed for these types of pieces. Although the price of such products is often indicative of their quality, the best shampoos are not always the most expensive. If you are in doubt about a particular product, you should ask a wig professional before use. Cleansing your extensions with a poor quality shampoo can actually cause the hair to fall apart, and the piece might not fit as well on your head.

A quality conditioner can help to enhance the look of your hair extensions, and it should be used immediately after shampooing the pieces. Aside from the quality of the product, you will also want to decide whether you should use a cream-based conditioner or a spray-on version. Your choice ultimately depends on the state of your extensions, but you should take care not to weigh down the hair too much with a thick product. Instead, you might consider first using a spray-on conditioner immediately following the use of a hair extension shampoo to see the results before using a heavier product.


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The post on hair extension shampoo does not adequately reflect the benefits of utilizing silicone-based products on hair extensions. A small amount of silicone is not only safe but very beneficial in maintaining and detangling locks so the life span of hair is increased. There are articles worldwide available on this topic so I am perplexed on the stand this article appears to take.

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