How Do I Choose the Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair?

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When selecting a hair dryer for fine hair, wattage is perhaps the most important factor. Variable power settings will also help to protect hair from damage due to excessive heat. Many hair care experts also recommend ionic or ceramic hairdryers for fine hair. Portability and cost are factors likely considerations when choosing a hair dryer as well.

The term “fine hair” usually refers to narrow hair follicles, and should not be confused with thin or sparse hair, which typically means fewer hairs on the scalp. Fine hair is more fragile than thicker hair, making it more prone to damage from styling. Brittle hairs split and break, making the hair appear thinner and less full.

Heat from hair dryers can cause hairs to become brittle, and high power hairdryers, with wattages of 2000 or even higher, are not appropriate for fine hair. An ideal hair dryer for fine hair has between 1200 and 1500 watts, which is enough power to dry the hair without damaging it.

Wattage defines a hair dryer’s maximum power, but even at 1200 watts, full power may be too much. Variable power settings give the user greater control over the heat. Using lower settings means that it will take more time to dry hair, but it still speeds up the drying process without cooking the hair and causing breakage.


Size is often important in the selection of any hair dryer, as it must be light enough to use comfortably and store easily in the space available. In some cases, portability is also required, and folding dryers may be the best option. Hair and beauty experts often recommend the ionic hair dryer for fine hair, stating that it gives the hair more sheen. They state that the flow of negative ions from the dryer somehow break up water molecules, allowing the hair to absorb the moisture. These claims are unproven, and no plausible theory explains how this might happen.

Ceramic hair dryers are also frequently recommended for people with fine hair. These hair dryers use a ceramic heating element, which provides a more even heat than conventional hair dryers. Advocates also claim that this heat is less damaging, but again, there is no evidence to support these claims. Many hair dryers come with attachments and extra features, most of which are useful only for a small set of conditions, such as hair worn in a particular style. Identify the most important features before comparing prices to avoid paying for unwanted extras.


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Post 3

Those with fine hair should use a hair dryer with a wide mouth. Some hair dryers have concentrator attachments or come with the concentrator already attached. This attachment concentrates hot air into a small area. This is bad for those with fine hair because it will increase heat too much and cause more damage.

I personally use a low wattage hair dryer without a concentrator. It works best for me.

Post 2

@ddljohn-- My sister has super fine hair and her hair becomes damaged easily from high heat too. She uses low heat for everything and her hair dryer and hair straightener are both ceramic. I don't know whether or not the effectiveness of ceramic has been proven but my sister has used them for a while and says that they're more gently. So if you are planning to buy a new hair dryer, I highly recommend getting a ceramic one. Same goes for hair straighteners/curlers if you use them regularly.

Even when you use a ceramic hair dryer though, you need to use the low setting. It doesn't take much time for fine hair to dry so that shouldn't be a problem. You can also use a spray that protects hair from heat. Beauty stores carry them.

Post 1

I have fine hair and I use my hair dryer on a low setting, but my hair still becomes damaged. I have a ton of split ends and my hair is very brittle.

I'm not sure what to do about this. Should I get a hair dryer that has very low wattage? Won't it take too long to dry my hair in that situation though? Does anyone have any recommendations for me?

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