How do I Choose the Best Hair Detangler?

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Hair detangler is a product used to prevent hair from becoming snarled or help loosen tangled hair for easier styling. Many hair product companies offer a detangling product, since tangled hair is a common and frustrating hair care problem. Choosing the best detangler can take trial and error, but in the end may save valuable time that would otherwise be spent fighting persistent tangles.

Hair tangling occurs when hair strands become twisted or knotted around one another, forming snarled clumps of hair that cannot be easily brushed through. Trying to detangle hair by hand can result in damage to the hair strands, leading to breakage, split ends, and unwanted frizz. Hair detanglers coat hair strands using natural or chemical compounds, making strands smoother and less likely to catch on one another. Constant tangles are often a plague to people with naturally curly or wavy hair, but tangles can occur to anyone.

Many conditioners include a detangling component that combats snarled hair while adding moisture and shine. Using a conditioner that also detangles hair can help prevent tangling before it starts, allowing hair to be dried, brushed, and styled without having to fight through difficult knots. For busier people, conditioners with a detangler can also save time during the styling process by allowing one product to be applied for multiple benefits.


For people with serious tangle problems, a conditioner with an added detangler may not be enough to ward off serious knots and snarls. Many hair care companies, especially those that specialize in products for curly, thick, or naturally frizzy hair, offer leave-in products that fight knots. These products may be applied before drying hair, to prevent snarling during the drying process, or after hair is dry to prevent snarls from forming during the day.

Detanglers can be a good hair product for children who have curly or thick hair. Combing out knots can be quite painful if done incorrectly, and may upset or anger children whose hair is prone to snarling. With babies and young children, look for a hair detangler that is safe for use on youngsters and contains non-toxic ingredients. Judicious application of detangler can help turn a hair-brushing session from a screaming nightmare into a pleasant experience for all involved.

A good detangler will make hair sleek, shiny, and snarl-free, without making it greasy or heavy feeling. The product should wash out easily to prevent build-up from forming in the hair, which can lead to a dull, lank appearance and hair damage. Since the chemical compounds that make up detanglers may contain allergens or skin-clogging ingredients, be sure that use of a new detangler is not accompanied by an increase in skin breakouts, rashes, or reddening of the skin on the face and neck.


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Post 5

I have thick hair that gets horrible ratty tangles in it and it takes forever to brush through my hair! But Shielo's Leave in Protectant makes it so easy. My hair is so soft and shiny. I apply it to my hair wet and dry and it does not build up and it does not get greasy. Plus, it controls frizz throughout the whole day. And I look so much better that way.

Post 4

Conditioners do not always work on really tangled matted hair. The most effective detangler is the Take Down Remover/Detangler. It softens the hair immensely and works on all types of hair textures and hair tangles.

Post 3

I bought Sauve Kids Detangling Spray in double dutch apple. I had an allergic reaction because I didn't know it was sour apple scented, and I'm allergic to sour apple artificial preservatives. It also dried out my hair once my hair was dried, while not offering much help when it was wet.

I have caucasian hair untreated, medium to thick, normal to dry, and long. This product is full of chemicals. The only thing positive to say is it smells good and is cheap. A waste of money nonetheless.

Post 2

shoeshopper- Suave detangler is a pretty inexpensive product that you can buy at your local supermarket or drug store. However, I have used Suave detangling products before and they actually work pretty well. The product left my hair much more manageable and easy to brush through.

An added bonus is that the product is very inexpensive and lasts forever. I bought the detangling serum 6 months and it is yet to run out.

Post 1

Does anyone have any experience using Suave detangler? Does it work?

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