How Do I Choose the Best Hair Color Comb?

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You may use a hair color comb to apply your favorite hair color, or choose one that includes the hair dye as well. If the comb includes dye for root touch up, choose a shade that best matches your natural hair color. If you prefer a reusable hair color comb, be sure the applicator is easy to fill. It's best to buy a name-brand hair color comb from a trusted manufacturer.

If you choose an all-in-one unit, the included hair color needs to be a close match to your natural shade of hair. Hair coloring combs with dye are most commonly made for shades of brown, black, or gray hair. You may have a difficult time trying to find a comb for redheads. If you have bright red hair, consider buying the comb and hair color separately.

Look for a hair coloring comb that is easy to use, with a no-mess applicator. To save time when you touch up your roots, look for a product that is a one-step process. Ideally, a comb with dye should not take longer than 10 minutes to apply. If you prefer an all-in-one hair color comb, look for a squeezable applicator, which tends to be less messy. The applicator bottle should be easy to clean after each use and simple to refill.


Whether using an all-in-one hair comb and dye, or refilling the comb with your favorite hair color, you may need to part your hair before applying the hair color. Choose one with special tips that part the hair into sections easily. If the comb does not have this feature, you'll have to part your hair with another comb before applying the color.

Do not assume that all hair color combs apply color without leakage. Read the packaging to determine the product is leak proof, otherwise you could have a drippy mess while applying the color. If you require all over coverage, be certain the product is designed for that purpose. Some such combs are only designed for quick root touch ups.

Another feature to look for when buying a hair coloring comb is the inclusion a sample tube of hair dye. For added convenience, look for a comb that contains a measuring scale. This feature will allow you to accurately measure the hair color you require.


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