How Do I Choose the Best Gym Instructor Courses?

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Choosing the best gym instructor courses can help a personal trainer or fitness instructor create a dynamic, successful career. Though different trainers have different career goals and plans, choosing training options carefully can help catapult yoga instructors, weight lifting coaches, and boot camp taskmasters to better career opportunities and a more fulfilling work life. Some aspects to consider when choosing gym instructor courses include the accreditation status of the training program, availability of references and reviews, cost, and time commitment required. In addition to classes that teach fitness techniques and training methods, it is also important to include some gym instructor courses that focus on health and safety.

Accreditation status is an extremely important factor when choosing gym instructor courses. If a course is accredited, at least one major health or fitness organization has examined it to ensure that training meets professional standards. Different regions have different accrediting bodies; government health and fitness websites can be a good place to look for accreditation institutions in a specific country. Accredited gym instructor courses usually present successful trainees with official certification that allows them to practice legally within a region, and may reassure prospective employers of gym instructor skills.


Most gym instructor training courses with an established reputation will be able to provide reviews and references from prior students. Since most businesses will tend to paint themselves in a highly favorable light, it may help to do some independent digging on the Internet to find unbiased reviews and remarks from former students. Generally positive reviews and a history of successful graduates may indicate that the training program is worth the time, effort, and expense.

Cost and time commitment are important considerations when choosing gym instructor classes. If money is an issue, check with the school to determine if financial aid, extended repayment plans, or fee waivers are available. For those who must balance work, studies, or family obligations with gym instructor training, be certain that the hours required can be fit into an existing schedule. Students with a heavy schedule may be forced to drop out before completing the course, which can delay career goals and force the forfeiture of fees.

Most fitness instructors are required to have basic emergency medical training to help ensure the safety of their students. Basic medical classes are frequently offered by community colleges and medical outreach groups, and may be completed in a few days, or even over a single weekend. Gym instructors may need to repeat courses every few years to maintain certification.


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Great Article. The most important acronym for advising clients is The NAMSET Teaching Method and it has great crossover for PT's fitness and gym instructors. Well worth studying and utilising.

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