How do I Choose the Best Gym Fans?

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The first step in choosing gym fans for your space is to analyze your gym's needs. Every gym is a different shape and size, which means every gym will have different needs for air circulation. A smaller space may need only one or two small fans, while larger spaces will need several fans of different sizes. Extremely large gyms may benefit from a central air system rather than a fan. When choosing gym fans, take a close look at your space and determine what areas of the gym need circulation and how much room is available for fans.

Once you have determined how many gym fans you need and what size you will require for your space, it's time to consider where they will go and how powerful they should be. A large industrial fan would certainly be overpowering for most gym users, though in a large, open setting, this may be the most appropriate option. Industrial fans are high powered fans that sit on the floor and push a significant amount of air. Anyone exercising directly in front of it will almost definitely feel uncomfortable, so place this type of fan somewhere far away from exercise machines. Some industrial gym fans can be mounted in rafters overhead, which keeps them from being placed directly in front of any one machine.


Wall-mounted gym fans are much smaller and more adaptable to a variety of gym layouts. Such fans can be strategically placed to deliver air to users on several different machines at once, or they can be aimed at just one machine. Wall-mounted gym fans are a good choice for gyms without a lot of free floor space, and spaces that don't need a significant amount of air flow. The size of wall-mounted gym fans is perfect for a single user or several users in an area.

Small, clip-on fans can be mounted to the rails of specific machines. These fans deliver just enough air for the user to cool off and feel refreshed. These fans are small and can be placed just about anywhere, making them a great choice if adaptability is important to you. Clip-on fans are generally plastic, and are the lowest-cost option of all the fans you would want to use in your gym. They are also easy to turn on and off before, during, and after a workout.


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Nothing is worse than a hot gym! If it's 95 degrees outside and 80 inside, that's not very conducive to working out. The best gym fans keep the air moving, even in a large room. I don't mind it if they're a little strong and keep a good breeze going. That helps keep me cooler.

Post 1

The ceiling fans at my gym are *huge.* They don't spin very fast, but they have the longest blades I've ever seen! My gym is air-conditioned, and I think their main function is to keep the cool air circulating throughout the space. They do a good job.

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