How do I Choose the Best Gutter Colors?

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Once the decision on the general design of a gutter system has been settled, the next step of the process is to decide which gutter colors would be most appropriate for the home. There are several different ways to approach this color selection, depending on the visual effect that the owner wishes to create. Most options revolve around whether the color chosen should allow the gutters to blend in, or to stand in contrast to the surrounding color scheme.

In some cases, the gutter colors may become a non-decision, in that the owner chooses to allow the gutters to simply be sealed rather than painted. For example, if the gutters are constructed of a metal like copper or aluminum, and are partially obscured from view by the house design, the owner may opt to coat the metal with a sealant and not be concerned about the color at all. In the case of copper gutters, the owner may have in mind to eventually achieve the green patina that copper exposed to the elements normally achieves over the years.

For homeowners who want the gutter colors to blend into the exterior color scheme, the choice may be to choose a color that is as close to the shade of the roof as possible. This allows the gutters to have the visual effect of appearing to be a natural part of the roofline, rather than serving the visual purpose of acting as a border for the roof.


A different approach is to use gutter colors to carry the look of the trim work around windows and doors upward, framing the roofline with the same color. With some home designs, this option can actually lend more visual harmony to the exterior of the home, giving the house more of a finished appearance. With other designs, this approach looks more like an afterthought that conflicts with the lines of the home, and detracts from the overall visual appeal.

There is also the option of using gutter colors that are identical to the colors used for the exterior walls. As with the idea of painting the gutters to match the roof, this option tends to allow the gutters to be less of a visual element, something that may be especially desirable if the gutter system is more utilitarian than decorative. The benefit to this approach is that this option can actually make the roofline appear lighter, rather than giving the impression of some type of lid that has settled over the top portion of the home.

It is important to note there is no one wrong or right way to select gutter colors. Personal tastes and the general style of the home’s exterior are two primary considerations. Fortunately, repainting gutters is a relatively simple process. If one approach does not create the desired effect, all that is required to correct the situation is a little more time and the selection of a different color.


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