How do I Choose the Best Grout Colors?

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Probably the two most important factors to consider when choosing the best grout colors are the tile you’ll be using the grout with and the grout maintenance. You have plenty of options when it comes to matching, or contrasting, your grout color with your tile color. Maintenance, on the other hand, depends mostly on the grout color you choose and where the grout and tile will be located. Consider visiting a home renovation store to see final results before making your choice. While you’re there, you can even pick up a few tips on how to properly install and maintain the grout.

There are various ways you can coordinate your grout colors with your tile, and which one you choose depends on your personal preference. If your tile has only one color, you might want to match the color of the grout to the color of the tile, or as closely as possible, for an even, fluid look. For example, you might achieve this look by using white grout with white tile, or blue grout with blue tile. On the other hand, you might want a blocked, checkerboard-type look, which you can achieve by choosing a grout color that contrasts the tile color. Examples of this include using dark grout colors with light tiles, or light grout colors with dark tiles.


You have just as many options if your tile features two or more colors. You might want to match your grout color to the most dominant tile color for a muted effect. For example, if your tile is mostly dark green with subdued patterns of light green, you would choose a dark green grout color. To achieve the opposite effect and make the more subdued color more visible, you can choose one of the subdued colors as the grout color. In this example, that would be the lighter green.

As you’re considering grout colors to match your tile, think about how the different colors will help you in terms of maintenance. Dark grout colors can help you hide stains, though the colors tend to fade if the grout is exposed to harsh cleaning agents or sunlight for long periods of time. Light grout colors aren’t as useful at hiding dirt but sealing the grout, especially if it’s located in a high-traffic area, helps protect it from stains as well as makes it easier to clean. Keep in mind that, depending on the kind of grout you choose, if it becomes extremely stained or damaged you can re-stain it. It’s a good idea to store any remaining grout in case the tile or grout becomes damaged and you need to replace it.

Take advantage of an expert’s opinion as you’re shopping for tile grout. Many home renovation stores have examples for you to look at, which allows you to see how the finished grout will look. You can even take a sample of your floor tile to the store to see how each grout color will look against your tile. If you plan to lay the grout yourself, talk with an expert about installation instructions. Also be sure to ask the salesperson about any special care and maintenance tips you might need to follow for the grout you choose.


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