How Do I Choose the Best Grooming Set?

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To choose the best grooming set, buy grooming tools that meet your particular needs. Grooming sets are available for all purposes, including grooming for men and women. If you're buying a grooming set as a gift for a man, you might want to consider a shaving set that includes shave cream and lotion. A manicure grooming set makes a nice gift or personal accessory for a woman. Grooming sets are not limited to men's and women's styles, as there are grooming kits designed for infants, and even grooming kits for pets.

If you are looking for a basic grooming set, you'll probably want to include an accessory pack that includes nail care implements. Often referred to as a manicure/pedicure set, this type of package may include a fingernail clipper as well as a toenail clipper. Most sets also include tweezers, cuticle scissors, and a metal nail file. Typically packaged in a small pouch or case, this is an ideal choice for travel. The travel grooming set that comes with a leather carrying case makes a nice presentation for gift giving.


Some grooming sets are designed for hair or skin care. When buying such a set, choose something hypoallergenic if you have sensitive skin. Look for skin care grooming sets that include a facial cleanser and toner. If you're buying this type of grooming set as a gift, choose something appropriate for all skin types. Choose shampoo and conditioner sets designed for all types of hair as well.

A travel grooming set makes a nice gift for a man. In fact, travel size grooming kits are essential for many men. Choose a kit with a toiletry bag that fits his everyday needs, such as shaving supplies and soap. Some men's grooming kits also include hairbrush and comb.

For everyday use as well as for traveling, women often prefer a grooming bag that is large enough to carry all grooming supplies. Choose a grooming set that includes a hairbrush and comb as well as implements for nail care. Some sets are available with a carrying tote that may be used as a shoulder bag. A grooming tote is also a nice option for gift giving.

Pets require good grooming and hygiene as well, and there are many varieties of pet grooming sets to choose from at local pet stores. Most styles include pet grooming shears and clippers, convenient for trimming an animal's fur. Other kits are designed for everyday pet care and include the basic pet brush and comb set.


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