How Do I Choose the Best Grooming Comb?

Patti Kate

When selecting a grooming comb for a domestic animal, choose one that is specifically made for that species. For example, dogs and cats often require different grooming tools, which is why you should not use a dog comb for your cat or vice versa. You might need to purchase more than one grooming comb for your pet. One comb might be used for removing hairs from the dense undercoat, while another might be helpful for dematting the animal's fur.

A light-weight and small grooming comb will typically be suitable for a small animal.
A light-weight and small grooming comb will typically be suitable for a small animal.

Ordinarily, a lightweight and small grooming comb will be suitable for a small animal. If you are grooming a large animal, like a horse, however, you'll want to choose a heavy-duty comb made of durable material. You might choose an aluminum comb for grooming a horse's mane and tail. Also, if the fur is matted, special grooming combs can be used to pull the loose hair and knots from manes and tails. Be sure the comb is made with a sturdy wooden or metal handle, preferably with a rubberized non-slip grip for easy handling.

Dogs come in various sizes, from tiny toy breeds to very large breeds, each having unique grooming needs. If you have two or more dogs of different sizes, you shouldn't use the same grooming comb for all of the animals. Using a heavy aluminum grooming comb on a very small breed of dog could hurt the animal. Also, using a small lightweight comb on a very large dog will not remove matted fur and effectively groom the animal.

Depending upon the length and thickness of the animal's fur, your pet may require a specific type of grooming tool. For animals that shed heavily, choose some type of shedding tool. This comb helps to remove loose fur from your pet's coat. This type of grooming comb is especially helpful for reducing the risk of hairballs that many cats are prone to, especially the long-haired breeds.

When a cat grooms its fur, it may ingest hairs that can become lodged in the intestinal tract, causing health issues. Whether the cat is a long-haired or short-haired variety, using a special shedding comb will loosen stray hairs and help the cat shed it's undercoat. Additionally, for cats and dogs that tend to be bothered by fleas, you might want to buy a flea comb to help remove the parasites from your pet's fur.

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