How do I Choose the Best Groin Guard?

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Many groin guard options are sport-specific, but others are used for general sports protection. Groin guards are sometimes known as cups, sports cups, or athletic supporters, and they are available in male and female versions. To choose the best groin guard, first make a few basic decisions: decide what gender you will be purchasing the cup for, research whether there is a sport-specific option for the sport you intend to play, determine the size of groin guard you will need, and assess whether you have any special needs you will need to take into consideration when choosing a groin guard that fits you.

Many martial arts, boxing, and other fighting sports have sport-specific options for a groin guard. Ice hockey does as well, and the advantages of choosing the sport-specific option over a multi-sport cup are significant. Hockey groin guards for goalies are more commonly known as pelvic protectors, and they protect not only the groin area, but also the lower pelvis and hips. Since a hockey goalie will face pucks that can hit anywhere on the body, the extra protection is necessary to keep the groin and pelvis safe. Most versions of pelvic protectors do not inhibit movement, either, and while the cost of a pelvic protector is generally higher than a regular multi-sport groin guard, the extra protection is well worth the investment.


When choosing a multi-sport groin guard, choose one that fits well first and foremost. Most versions feature an elastic waist band that is several inches wide to keep the entire garment from moving during athletic activity. The protective cup slips into a pouch that is sewn to the front of the elastic waist band, and the top of the pouch is secured closed by two snap buttons. The best groin guards of this variety also have straps that connect the back of the elastic waist band to the bottom of the cup pouch to further secure the garment in place.

Other multi-sport groin guards are sewn into compression shorts, which are tightly fitting shorts that are worn underneath pants or shorts. The compression shorts hug tightly to the body to prevent the garment from shifting during athletic activity, and a pouch in the front of the garment allows a protective cup to be placed inside. The cup, like other protective cups, should be made of a lightweight, hard plastic shell with a rubber lining for comfort. Do not choose a cup without the rubber lining, as comfort and mobility will suffer during athletic activities.


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Post 5

I recently came across a newly patented and designed professional groin cup system available exclusivity at Competitive ACE. The cup is designed to be ultra comfortable and very functional. It doesn't require a specific short so you can use any underwear or shorts and don't have to worry about washing the same cup short over and over. This system even comes with its own carry and wash bag.

Post 4

@matthewc23 - Right you are. There are a few things when buying the right athletic groin protection that one has to follow in order to make sure they get the right one and one that does the job its designed to do right.

First, one must not simply buy athletic groin protection that looks to be cheaply made and says is used for all sports. This is usually a sign that it is not worth your money.

Second, one must look at the product itself and see how well made it is. Usually you can open the package easily and take a look and see how hard the plastic is.

Lastly, one must pick groin protection that fits perfectly. If one buys groin protection that is too big than they may have an issue that impedes their performance on the field and could even make them think about how uncomfortable their groin protection is.

Post 3

I once bought a cheap athletic cup for playing baseball and one game I got hit by a ground, which hit me in the groin and actually cracked my cup.

Thankfully the cup did stop the ball, but what it did not do was stand up the stress test and I was forced to buy another cup.

There was no reason for me to buy a cheap athletic cup, and especially one that was too big and not made of hard plastic. This could have ended badly and to be honest when it broke the shard of the plastic could have pierced my skin.

Buying the right athletic cup is definitely something that should not overlook the basics as far as what is required in groin protection as well as comfort.

Post 2

@kentuckycat - You are absolutely correct. I have never understood why people would want to sacrifice the quality of their groin protection simply to save a few dollars.

I have heard many horror stories about how people either bought athletic cups that were too small or other groin protection that was of poor quality and did not get the job done.

Sacrificing protection in anyway for that area of the body is borderline insane and it is definitely something that is not worth taking shortcuts with.

Post 1

I would have to say as far as picking the best groin guard, it all comes down to two things. Those two things are comfort and exactly what sport you play in.

I played baseball growing up and the groin protection that was available was far different than in another sport, like kick boxing, which would require much more protection and one would be prone to accidentally getting hit in that region more often than in baseball.

As far as comfort goes, one must make sure to get the right groin protection that is a perfect fit and not sacrifice the cost for the comfort. It is best to get one that fits perfect as opposed to saving a few dollars and just getting one that is available.

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