How do I Choose the Best Green Tea Soap?

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Choosing the best green tea soap means finding a soap that does a good job of cleansing the skin, helps to manage any skin conditions that one is experiencing, and also has a pleasing scent. Some people prefer a soap that deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin. These people would do well to choose a green tea soap that includes a natural exfoliant such as loofah or seaweed. Others who prefer a milder soap to moisturize the skin should consider choosing a soap that is made with a nourishing oil such as jojoba oil. If at all possible, it is best to choose a green tea soap that also helps to heal dry skin or fight acne or assuage any other skin problems with which the user is suffering.

When shopping for a green tea soap, also be sure to find a soap that is made with actual green tea and not just a green tea fragrance. Real green tea can be added to soap in the form of green tea powder, which is also called "matcha." It can also be added as an extract. Some kinds of green tea soap are made with green tea leaves that are blended into the formula.


There are a number of skin conditions that green tea soap can help to manage, especially when the soap is blended with other ingredients such as essential oils. Green tea soap that is made with tea tree oil can help to heal blemishes and reduce the occurrence of breakouts. Some people use green tea soap with tea tree oil to help manage body acne. Others use green tea soap that is made with almond oil to help soothe dry or patchy skin.

It is also important to choose a green tea soap that has a pleasing aroma. Not only should the soap do a good job of cleaning and treating the skin, but it should also leave behind a scent that the user enjoys smelling for the rest of the day. There are some green tea soaps that are made with very little scent other than the natural scent of the tea. These are good for those who prefer products with little or no fragrance. There are other soaps that are made with essential oils such as lemon verbena or rose oil that can leave a pleasing fragrance on the skin.


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Post 3

@raynbow- If you have a farmers' market in your area, you should look for green tea soap there. Many artisans that make natural products like soap sell their products at farmers' markets. Green tea is a popular formula that soap makers love to use to make their products.

If you don't have a farmers' market in your area, or if there are not soap makers who sell their products at the market, there are other places that you can look. Bazaars, craft shops, and boutiques are also places that local artisans sell their products.

Post 2

@raynbow- You should try to find a green tea soap that has very few ingredients. For example, soap that has green tea, cleaning agents, and essential oils is very pure, and all you need to get a good, soothing clean.

This type of natural green tea soap might be hard to find at a regular retail store. Instead, try shopping at a natural products store in the bath isle. Specialty and gift shops also often carry naturally-made soaps of all kinds, including green tea soap.

Post 1

I have tried to find a good green tea soap, but reading labels is confusing. So many products contain ingredients that are hard to pronounce, so you really have no idea what the soap actually contains. How can you be sure that green tea soap is a quality product?

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