How Do I Choose the Best Granite Countertop Kit?

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Homeowners and builders have countless options for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms, but few are more popular than granite countertops. One of the disadvantages to this choice is the high price and difficulty of installation, but by buying a granite countertop kit, you can save yourself money and frustration at installation. Choosing the best granite countertop kit starts with a careful examination of your budget, the size and shape of the countertop to be installed, and the type of materials you intend to buy. Not all granite kits feature real granite; some feature other materials that are designed to simply mimic the look of granite.

A modular granite countertop kit will feature real granite tiles that can be moved around to accommodate the size and shape of the countertop to be installed. This is perhaps the easiest installation option, and it will be attractive and relatively durable once the countertop is installed. Remember, however, that granite can be exceptionally difficult to cut, so if any of the modular panels need to be cut, you may run into some problems. Granite is also very heavy, so you will need some assistance when installing the modular panels. A granite countertop kit with modular panels is far less expensive than a slab of granite, but keep in mind that this option may be more expensive than other kits.


The lowest cost option will be a laminate countertop that is designed to look like granite. These countertops are exceptionally inexpensive as compared to other countertop options, and laminate is generally very easy to install. Laminate is not, however, as beautiful as granite, even if it effectively mimics the look of the stone. It is also not nearly as durable and will need to be replaced after a few years of use. This is the best option if you are on a tight budget.

It is also possible to get a granite countertop kit that is essentially painted or rolled onto a wooden surface. Again, this product is designed to mimic the look of real granite and does not actually contain any real granite. This option can be more durable than laminate, but it is not nearly as attractive as real granite and can be quite difficult to apply properly. It can be fairly low maintenance, however, and it may be more resistant to heat damage than laminate countertops.


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Nice post. This post clarifies that the granite countertop kit seems to be very useful. I have black granite countertops for my kitchen, which looks beautiful. Thanks for this post.

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