How Do I Choose the Best Golf Courses?

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Golf is a complex and rewarding game rich with history and tradition, and it requires a significant investment of time and energy on the part of the player. Selecting the right equipment and taking lessons are important steps to success at the game, as is choosing the right golf course. Beginning players may want to start off on courses that are shorter in length and less expensive to play, while intermediate players will need more challenging layouts with better kept greens and fairways. Advanced players often seek demanding courses that will test every facet of their game.

While golf may seem like an intimidating game to beginners, it can be a good way to have fun and get some exercise and fresh air. Beginners may want to start out by practicing at a driving range and taking a few introductory lessons. Once they have learned the basics, new golfers may then choose to move to a par-three or a short municipal course to experience more of the game. Such golf courses offer a good value for the novice player looking to improve his skills. As the player gets better, he will likely want to try out longer and more interesting course layouts.


Intermediate golfers should know the rules of the game and be able to complete a round in a reasonable amount of time. These players should seek out nearby golf courses that offer longer fairways and additional hazards, such as water and sand traps that make the game more interesting. Experienced golfers who play often may consider investing in a membership to a private golf club, which usually offers other recreation and social opportunities. Private courses are sometimes better kept and offer faster play than public options, particularly on the weekends. Clubs usually also have a golf professional available to give lessons to members and help them with their game.

Advanced golfers should look for longer, more difficult golf courses that challenge them to make par. Many hotels and resorts around the world cater to these players with scenic layouts in diverse environments such as deserts, coastlines and forests. Most of these higher-end courses offer championship tee set-ups and fast greens that will test even the best golfers. Some areas known for their golf courses provide special travel packages for players looking to play multiple rounds during their vacation.

Regardless of the player’s skill level, golfers should look for courses that are conveniently located and fit their style of play. Players should avoid golf courses that are in poor condition, because playing on bad fairways and greens will not improve their game. The golfer also may want to consider the amenities offered by the course if he wants to eat or drink while playing a round with friends or business associates.


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Post 3

Regardless of the fact that some people might find it boring, golf is actually a lot more complex than it looks. It requires a lot of skill and critical thinking, and unlike basketball, it's not so easy to make the shots. However, with careful practice and precise timing, one will eventually get the hang of it.

Post 2

Lately, I have been thinking of playing some golf, but in all honesty, I think I will start off slow. From watching them on TV, it's obvious that they have years of practice, especially considering how they're able to score from their first try. Also, although some of those golf courses do seem rather difficult to deal with, there's always room for beginners. Perhaps I can do some research on what it takes to be a good golf player.

Post 1

Regardless of the golf course that you're choosing to play at, remember that it's always a good idea to check the weather before attempting your shots. Unlike soccer and volleyball, which are considered indoor sports, golf is always played outside. In fact, when watching golf games on TV, have you ever noticed the weather is always bright and sunny. Obviously, the players check the weather days (maybe even weeks) ahead, and plan accordingly.

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