How do I Choose the Best Golf Cart Hubcaps?

Maggie Worth

Choosing the best golf cart hubcaps is largely a matter of personal preference because hubcaps are more decorative than functional, particularly on a golf cart. Those in the market will need to consider a number of factors including size, quality and price. These factors, combined with design preference, will help the cart owner determine which hubcaps are the best for her personal needs.

The specific requirements for a golf cart will impact the hubcaps that can be purchased along with it.
The specific requirements for a golf cart will impact the hubcaps that can be purchased along with it.

Shoppers looking for golf cart hubcaps should begin by evaluating the specification requirements of their carts. Wheel sizes vary between manufacturers and sometimes between models made by the same manufacturer. The hubcap size should be listed on the manufacturer's website or in the owner's manual.

The next step in choosing golf cart hubcaps is to research the available options. Cart accessories are available at most cart retailers and can also be ordered from specialty print and online catalogs. Some automotive accessory dealers also carry items for golf carts, especially in communities with a large golfing community or where carts are street-legal.

While researching options, purchasers should consider three main factors: quality, price and style. The weight of each factor will be determined by the purchaser. One cart owner may be willing to pay virtually any price for the style she wants and may be unconcerned with quality. Another may be less concerned with style, preferring to purchase a durable option that is cost-effective but still aesthetically acceptable.

The quality of specific golf cart hubcaps can be investigated by evaluating manufacturer details such as product materials, durability ratings and warranties. Buyers may also want to read reviews written by experts and by other consumers who have purchased the product. The general reputation of the brand may also play a role in evaluating quality.

Price points for golf cart hubcaps vary significantly, depending on the material from which the hubcap is made, the size, the manufacturer and any special features. Generally, the more durable the piece and the more complex the design, the more expensive the product will be. Any time the product must be sent from an off-site location, buyers should consider the impact of shipping costs as well.

Stylistic options for golf cart accessories are more numerous than one might expect, and this applies to hubcap options as well. Hubcaps are available in a variety of metallic colors; can be made from plastic, metal or wood; and can include a host of special options. Some hubcaps have icons, such as team mascots, either imprinted or embossed in the center. Others include lights that flash when the wheels turn. Still others can be engraved.

Ultimately, there is no single "best" hubcap option. The right choice is the product that best meets all the owner's needs and wants. If it fits on the wheel and the buyer is happy with the quality, likes the look and is comfortable with the price, it's the best hubcap.

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