How do I Choose the Best Golf Cart Battery Charger?

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In order to choose the best golf cart battery charger, you will typically need to look at a number of factors. The first is the type of battery in your golf cart. While most golf cart batteries are one of very few size and voltage specifications, some may be true deep cycle batteries, and others can have the thin plates found in regular starting batteries. You may also want to take into account how often you use the golf cart, and the location in which it is used and stored. Finding the best golf cart battery charger will usually focus on characteristics like charge speed, portability, and power method.

When choosing a golf cart battery charger, you may want to determine if you are working with a deep cycle or starting battery. Starting batteries tend to have thinner plates than deep cycle batteries, and can be more easily damaged by constant, low levels of charge. This can render them ill suited to float-type trickle battery chargers. Deep cycle batteries, on the other hand, are designed to be discharged to between 20 and 50% of their full capacity before charging, and typically have thicker plates that make them more robust. Since these batteries may require different charging characteristics, it may be important to locate a golf cart battery charger that is well suited for the type you have.


Batteries that use gel or absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology may also require different charging characteristics than typical flooded cell batteries. In particular, a battery that uses gelled electrolyte can be damaged by a charge that is too high in amperage. If your golf cart uses one of these types of batteries, it may be a good idea to locate a charger that is designed for a low level, trickle-type charge.

Portability and power method may also be important concerns when choosing a golf cart battery charger. If your cart is stored at a golf course or other location where space is at a premium, or the site may not be entirely secure, a portable golf cart charger could be a viable choice. A solar powered golf cart battery charger might be better if you use and store your golf cart in an area with plentiful sunlight. A charger like this may save on power, and allow you to keep your battery in a constant state of good charge. When making a decision based on these factors, it may still be important to consider the type of battery you will be charging.


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