How Do I Choose the Best Gold Charger?

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If you plan to use a gold charger as an accessory frequently, it is a good idea to invest in a higher-quality option. If you only plan to use chargers to dress up your table for special occasions, you can probably get away with spending a little less for a more economical option. Chargers are made from a number of materials, from the finest china to good old plastic, and are available in many styles and shapes.

A gold charger plate can add great style to your table, making it festive for special occasions. Metallic chargers are perfect for reflecting candlelight and creating ambiance. At the same time, they can also help protect your linens. The proper use is to serve various courses atop the gold charger and then remove it when the main course is served. Today, many people serve the entrée atop the charger as well, but in the past, doing so was not considered proper etiquette.


A good rule of thumb when choosing a gold charger is to select one that is about the same quality as your other dinnerware. This is not to say that you have to use fine china if you want to dress up your table with chargers. You can create a look of casual elegance with your current dish set. If you have glass dinner plates, a glass charger will work well. Wood or metallic options would work nicely as well. On the other hand, you don’t want to pair high-end dishes with cheap chargers.

It is also important to select a gold charger that will complement the colors, pattern, and shape of your dinnerware. You may wish to use a square charger with round plates to create interest, or you may prefer that all shapes are the same. You may wish to purchase a plain, smooth, solid charger if your plates have several different colors or intricate patterns. If your plates are plain, you may wish to use a gold charger that has texture, carvings, or other designs.

A gold charger does not have to be solid gold in color. You may also like the look of chargers that have gold trim or detailed golden borders. Some people also like to mix and match different metallic effects, such as alternating gold and silver for every other place setting.

Flexibility of use and ease of care may also be considerations when making a selection. While food is rarely served directly on a charger, you may wish to change things up a bit. In that case, you might want a microwave-safe option. Also, look for dishwasher-safe options, if easy clean-up is a concern.


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