How Do I Choose the Best Glutathione Whitening Pills?

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While many people spend hours in the sun trying to darken their skin, a significant number of people try to achieve the opposite. There are many creams, lotions, and even pills on the market that claim to decrease skin pigmentation. One of these products is glutathione whitening pills, which claim to lighten the skin by increasing glutathione, an amino acid already found in the cells. To choose the best glutathione whitening pills, you must take into consideration quality, ingredients, and cost.

Glutathione is a potent antioxidant that is naturally occurring in the cells of the body. The production of this amino acid can become compromised over time by disease, environmental pollutants, and the natural aging process. Deficiencies can subsequently be corrected with the help of supplements that inhibit melanin production. The only main side effect of taking these supplements is a lightening of the skin over time, including both the general skin tone and blemishes. Subsequently, gluathione pills are used as a skin lightening treatment.

When you are choosing glutathione whitening pills, it is very important to first do some research. This product is considered to be a food supplement, and as such, its manufacturing quality and marketing are not regulated or approved by any agency. Make sure that you check the reviews of products that you might buy, and try to read reviews from unbiased sites — not the brand's own website. You should also choose one that is being sold through a reputable source or retailer as they will be much more likely to have a genuine, quality product. Imitation products, besides being ineffective, can also be dangerous.

Many glutathione whitening pills have different ingredients and forms of glutathione, and this can make choosing even more difficult, especially with many brands claiming their product is the best. Some complexes do not even contain glutathione but rather the precursors for the body to make it — glycine, glutamate, and cystine. Other products contain L-glutathione, which is the form produced by the cells. There is, however, some debate about whether this form is effective when taken orally due to the large size of the molecules.

Another form is reduced glutathione, in which the molecules are claimed to have been reduced and so are more easily absorbed. Again, as these supplements are not well regulated, it is difficult to know which form is the best, especially as some may work better for different people than others. You will want to choose glutathione whitening pills that have an enteric coating. This helps the tablet to survive the gastric acid in the stomach and may improve absorption.

Choose a brand that includes vitamin C in its formulation as it is thought to help boost the effectiveness of the glutathione. You can also choose to supplement the tablets with extra vitamin C; however, too much can cause hyperacidity. Vitamin E and selenium are thought to also enhance the effect, so you may want to choose a brand with these ingredients as well.

One way of making the choice easier is to get a prescription from your doctor because these glutathione whitening pills come from a legitimate source. This option can be quite expensive, however, and may not be realistic. One issue to keep in mind when choosing this type of supplement is that it will take months, or even years, to achieve a result, and then maintenance doses will be required to maintain the effect. You therefore need to choose a supplement that you can afford to continue buying.

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Post 16

Is Tatiomax available in Mercury or watsons? If not, is the tatiomax in lazada was proven authentic?

Post 15

In terms of cost, which is cheaper? Can you please tell me the market price of ivory caps, tatiomax, oxiglow and snow caps? Just to have an idea?

Post 13

Tatiomax Glutathione Softgels are very effective. I've tried it myself. They say this can be compared to Glutathione injection and it's true. I take it two times daily. I tried a lot of glutathione pills and none worked. Very safe and effective. It's FDA and Halal approved. One thing more it is in liquid softgel form.

Post 12

Great article, very informative topic. I've been taking reduced glutathione pills for a month of which it includes vitamin c, grape seed extract and vitamin E. It is proven safe and effective and is certified Halal and BFAD approved. You can buy it online!

Post 11

I have some questions please!

(1) Can glutathione pills from Thiland/the Philippines be trusted? I've taken them for about six months and my skin does look brighter and glowing -- and actually better than pricey liposomal glutathione.

(2) Some experts recommend 500-1000 mg per day while others say higher dosage works better. I found glutathione pills sold in Thailand/the Philippines contain ridiculously high mg of glutathione. Because nothing expensive really worked on me, I decided to give it a try, so-called "best-sellers" there. With doubt, I went from 200,000 mg to 400,000 mg, and now I'm going to try what they say is, whopping 800k mg. How it is possible for an oily pill, the

size of a large pea, contain that much, 800 grams? And those pills don't smell like sulphur, the way glutathione is supposed to. But "for some reason" my skin does look better and I am quite satisfied and want to continue taking glutathione. When I'm done with 800K, I'm going down to lower dosage, about 500-1200 mg, combo pills of glutathione, lipoic acid and vitamin C, that, also, according to beauty bloggers, smells bad, the sign of real glutathione. I'd LOVE to know more please!

Post 10

Experts advise to intake glutathione pills in various dosages, from 50 mg and up, and some say the more the better. And glutathione taken together with lipoic acid helps brain health in particular. I first bought liposomal gels, liquid and tablets forms whose dosage ranged from 300 to 1,000 mg, because I read that glutathione is digested in the stomach. I spent hundreds of dollars, I wasn't so sure if I saw much visible change apart from overall well-being, which could have resulted from other supplements, less stress, better diet, etc. I got tired of it and for a change, switched to taking glutathione for skin enhancement direction.

I bought five months supply of Ivory Caps, which are extremely well

-promoted everywhere. The Ivory Caps did little to improve my complexion (born fair and clean but why not improve for flawless skin with healthy glow?) From random online searches, I've tried glutathione pills from Thailand that are known to be "best-sellers" there and it is a known fact that Thai women and transsexuals are infamous for their rigorous skin bleaching. I tried what I thought would be ridiculously high contents of glutathione called first for three and half months. Then I found there were even higher mg. What the heck, I upped it to for about two months. The result, it is pretty obvious my skin does look better "for some reason" and I'm thinking "maybe" those oily pills might have helped. I've just ordered two month supply of them.

There's not many reviews from credible sources, but here's what I found online. (1) Don't buy and trust glutathione pills from Thailand/the Philippines but USA. (2) Glutathione pills smell like rotten eggs and most million-mg don't smell anything, thus it might not be real glutathione. (3) It's not possible for a pill to contain tens of thousands of mg. (4) Liposomal glutathione still requires studies on effectiveness. (5) Some say higher dosage of glutathione is OK. (6) Excessive intake of glutathione can cause white hair because it affects on the body melanin. (I got more white hair, but maybe it's because of natural aging? I don't know.)

Could anyone explain? For one, how is it really possible, mathematically, for an oily pill, size of a large pea, contain 800K mg, or 800 grams, of glutathione plus vitamin C and collagen etc.?

Since I am quite satisfied with the result from those mysterious glutathione pills above, I am to continue taking it and researching what to try next. On my list are Snow Caps, Cosmo Skin, Tatiomax and Oxiglow, all of which, according to beauty bloggers' testimonials, have the sulphuric stink.

I hope sharing my hands-on experience can be useful to someone out there and love to know more about it. Thanks!

Post 9

Is Oxiglow BFAD approved?

Post 8

Great article! I was also using injectables until I found Tatiomax Glutathione in a liquid softgel. It's my alternative to injections. If you take two softgels, that's an equivalent to one injection. The formulation is 1200mg gluta with collagen and Vitamin C for a total of 1600mg. It's a high dose and in a big softgel. But don't worry; it's not hard to swallow.

Post 5

I have tried injections also, but they are too much effort. I tried Oxiglow enhanced glutathione and it's very effective. I've stopped glutathione injectables and have been taking oxiglow for three months and I'm very happy. My skin is glowing, lighter, my underarms are lighter also and my groin areas. I love it.

Post 4

@daraa: Ivory Caps gluthathione pills are very effective. I have tried them myself and they really work if you use them regularly with no breaks. You can buy them online.

Post 3

I want to get a best gluthathione product. I've been trying to use injections but see no effects. How can I get a product that can help whiten my skin?

Post 2

Thank you for this clear article.

Can someone please guide me to where I can get it safely?

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