How Do I Choose the Best Glitter Eyeshadow?

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If you're considering using glitter eyeshadow, you probably know how good it can look on its wearer. Choosing the right glitter eyeshadow can complement your skin tone, bring out your eyes and pull together your outfits. To select the best eyeshadow, you'll have to consider the colors of all of these things.

You probably should experiment with different colors. Not all colors will complement everyone. If you want to go with a subtle look, try selecting colors that closely mirror your skin tone. Using a glitter eyeshadow that matches your skin will make your skin look as if it is sparkling. If you are trying to pull together an outfit, select a color that matches or complements the color of your clothes.

Your eyes also will help determine the color of eyeshadow that you should choose. Although you might be tempted to choose the same color of eyeshadow as your eyes, it might be a good idea to select a shade that contrasts with them and highlights the color of your eyes. For example, a cream-colored eyeshadow can bring out the deepness of brown eyes, and reddish colors can make green eyes look alive.


The specific shades of glitter eyeshadow that you use can also depend on your personal preferences, the occasion or event that you're wearing it for and the intended effect of the eyeshadow. For example, if you want to go for a dramatic look, you could buy a dark glitter eyeshadow to apply to your your eyelid and your eye's inner corner. Pairing this with a lighter eyeshadow on the brow bone can really draw attention to your eyes.

Be aware that you likely will need to buy special brushes to use for applying glitter eyeshadow. Many people use flat brushes that are classified as having medium thickness. To help facilitate the application of this unique type of eyeshadow, others use glitter applicators or even cotton swabs. You'll probably be using your fingers more than you normally would if you were applying standard eyeshadow.

During application, remember that the less glitter eyeshadow you use, the better it will look on you in most cases. Unless you are attempting a very bold look, the smallest amount of glitter eyeshadow should be used to achieve your desired effect. Besides saving product, it can also help spare your eyes from unnecessary irritation.


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