How Do I Choose the Best Glasses Frames for round Faces?

Judith Smith Sullivan

The best glasses frames for round faces elongate the face, use angles to deemphasize roundness, and have wider lenses to balance facial features. These frames will also compliment your coloring. You can find frames for round faces in stores, online, or through catalogs.

Angular eye glass frames are appropriate for round face shapes.
Angular eye glass frames are appropriate for round face shapes.

Typically, angular frames, which are wider than they are, tall will flatter a round face. For instance, rectangular frames can balance the overall shape of a round face. The angles contrast with the roundness of the face, which creates the illusion of proportion. They can also make the face look thinner and longer. Upswept frames can also flatter a round face.

The best glasses for round faces have wider lenses.
The best glasses for round faces have wider lenses.

In some cases, choosing glasses with a clear bridge can accentuate the eyes, making them appear wider. If your eyes are already set more widely apart than average, you probably want to avoid this style. Entirely rimless styles blend into the face, so they are probably not your best choice. A style which has decorative touches or embellishments on the frame at the temple can focus attention on your eyes and upper face.

Some manufactures offer online guides to their frames based on facial shape. You chose your facial shape and are shown recommended glasses for that shape. This can help you narrow your search through the frames and help you find a flattering design.

The color or type of material is another characteristics to consider when you're looking for glasses frames for round faces. The color of the frames should compliment your coloring. Typically, people with cool skin — which means the undertones are blue, pink, or purple — wear black, silver, and jewel tones best. Individuals with warm skin — or yellow or peachy undertones — look best in gold, brown, tortoise shell, and earth tones.

Whether you purchase metal or plastic frames is purely a personal decision. There is no real advantage to either, although there are some differences. Metal frames typically have several pieces, including separate nose pads. Plastic frames are often all one piece. If you find yourself resting your glasses on your head from time to time, you might consider a plastic frame. Since they're made in one piece, they're less likely to catch strands of hair.

The best way to choose glasses frames for round faces is to visit an optical shop in person and try-on various frames. Even if a style meets all the criteria for a flattering shape for a round face, it still may not suit you. Often this is related to the size of the lenses in relation to your face. If you have a small face, large glasses will look disproportionate. Likewise, if you have a large face, tiny glasses will look like odd little spectacles.

A person may go through a variety of frames to find one to match their personal style.
A person may go through a variety of frames to find one to match their personal style.

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After I try on a couple dozen pairs of glasses, I can't tell what suits me and what doesn't, so I like the guides that are available in the optical stores. Mostly though, I am thankful for the second opinions provided by the store technicians.


I agree that certain styles of glasses can be more appropriate for certain shaped faces, but ultimately, each face is unique. That's why I usually bypass the the online guides and just go to the store and try on every pair of glasses available.

I'm exaggerating the amount of frames I actually try. I don't try on them all, but I do keep looking until I find the pair or pairs that look perfect to me. I'm sure the sales people get tired of me.


I don't spend time thinking about the shape of my face or what glasses would go better with the shape of my face. That's why I was pleased to find that the optical center I chose to buy from had an online site where I could determine the shape of my face and see which glasses looked best for me.

Once you choose the shape that most resembles your face, the website will show you all the glasses that would look better on your face. You can even upload a picture off your face and see how the glasses would look on you.

I don't know whether I look better in the glasses recommended by the site, but it gave me an idea of what to look for, which I appreciated.

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