How do I Choose the Best Glass Wall Sconces?

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When thinking about light fixtures, glass wall sconces offer an assortment of lighting options, from functional to accent lights. This type of sconce can be used in a foyer, staircase, living room, or just about anywhere you need a little extra light. If you prefer a brighter light fixture, there are classic clear sconces that provide ample lighting, or if you enjoy softer light, you may want to choose frosted glass. In an artistic setting, colorful, hand-blown sconces may be a striking addition to your home. For a vintage look, a pair of candelabra sconces can add the charm of candlelight to your home; these also are easy to install since no wiring is required.

In a contemporary home, hand-blown glass wall sconces are available in many designs to go with almost any color scheme, featuring different hues from orange to purple. These handcrafted glass wall sconces are often molded into unusual shapes, offering one-of-a-kind creations for dramatic impact. They will not only offer lighting, but are usually a work of art with their unique uses of color and glass, and may even prove to be conversation pieces.


If a classic fixture is more to your taste, there are many designer glass wall sconces in clear, opal or alabaster glass. For a softer light you may want to choose colored glass sconces in subdued colors to light up your room, which will give off enough light without being too bright. This kind of sconce is usually available in different styles and shapes, from half-moon single fixtures to double-arm lantern-style lights that may come in handy for reading in your favorite armchair. If your room is furnished with antiques, candle sconces may be a welcome addition, creating both ambiance and natural light.

If enjoy unusual lighting fixtures, you might prefer to shop for exotic glass wall sconces. There are wine bottle sconces featuring grapes; sconces painted with pine trees and other scenes from nature; and lights that have been shaped in drinking glass styles, from champagne to water glasses. On the modern side, there are rectangular glass wall sconces that combine rustic metal or shiny chrome in different designs. If you are looking for something really different, there are even sconces that are shaped into faces that light up, which should accent just about any room in which they are placed.


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