How Do I Choose the Best Glass Kettle?

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Glass kettles are one of the many kinds of kettles available to boil water for coffee or tea. To find the best one, you need to decide whether you want a glass kettle for the stove top or an electric glass kettle. Both have their advantages, and choosing the right one will depend on how often you use it, how much you want to control the temperature and the ways in which you will use it. As when choosing any product, the quality of the material and durability are always important.

A stove-top glass kettle is great for someone who doesn’t use it much or who prefer the old-fashioned way of boiling water. They are simple to use and don’t need extra electricity or a plug to work. If you choose a stove-top glass kettle, be sure to buy one that will not break easily if it is heated. Many glass kettles come with treated glass to avoid this. It’s best to put a piece of metal, such as a trivet, between the glass kettle and the stove burner to avoid overheating and possibly breaking the kettle.


An electric glass kettle will offer more reliability in terms of temperature control than a stove-top version. Many of them have buttons that allow for quick reheating or offer the choice of not bringing the water to a full boil, which is helpful for those who drink a lot of green or white tea. Most glass kettles are cordless and rest on a base that is plugged into the wall. Electric glass kettles offer other perks, too, such as buttons to open them or settings that will shut off the kettles automatically after the water is boiled.

Not all glass kettles are equal, so be sure to verify that they are made of a quality material, especially the glass. Check with online review sites or magazines after you choose what type of glass kettle you want. You can also check with different groups of people who use kettles. For example, people who drink a lot of tea often have websites or magazines that offer opinions on the best glass kettle. Checking with friends and family members is always an option as well.

Glass kettles can break if they are dropped, but they are very easy to clean. In addition, they don’t alter the taste of the water and don’t build up mineral deposits like metal kettles will. If you find a good quality glass kettle and take care of it, you will be able to use it for years to come.


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