How do I Choose the Best Girl's Deodorant?

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A suitable girl's deodorant can seem like it's hard to find. Technically, any deodorant marketed to females can be used as a girl's deodorant. The type of deodorant you purchase is largely up to your personal preference. Scent, deodorant type and ingredients can influence your decision to buy a particular deodorant over another, though.

First, you should understand the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorants are products that simply mask the scent coming from the armpits. Antiperspirants are different from deodorants in that they work to stop perspiration. Many products available in stores are a combination of both. Some are marketed as being for males or females, but most are meant to be used by only one gender.

Products can be further distinguished by age group. Deodorants for girls usually are available in a variety of light, floral or fruity scents. The particular scent that you choose is up to your preference, because there are scents for virtually every preference and personality.

If you're active in sports, you might choose to buy a deodorant that has a soft, clean or soapy scent that is not overpowering. Similarly, you can choose a deodorant that is fragrance-free if you just want to control odor and not smell like a specific product. Kids can use an adult deodorant as a girl's deodorant. A female deodorant that is not marketed as a girl's deodorant has the potential to smell a bit strong and like a perfume, however.


Deodorants can come in different application forms, too. Solid stick deodorant is the most common. Gels, roll-ons, sprays and creams also are on the market. Some of these, such as stick deodorants, can leave a white mark on clothing after application. Buy the deodorant type that is easiest for you to apply.

You should be wary when shopping for a girl's deodorant. Recently, studies have linked a host of medical diseases and disorders to aluminum found in antiperspirants. Breast cancer, seizures, kidney problems, bone formation disorders and Alzheimer's disease are just a few of the problems that have been associated with the use of aluminum in antiperspirants. If you'd like to reduce your risk for these medical conditions, choose a natural deodorant that doesn't contain aluminum. Parabens, petroleum derivatives and sodium lauryl sulfate also are ingredients that you should look for on deodorant labels and avoid.

Non-aluminum deodorants can be purchased at health food stores or on websites that cater to green-living consumers. They are available in many scents and can be made with essential oils and other natural ingredients that don't pose health risks. These deodorants can come in the form of crystals, lotions or sticks, and although their application might be a bit different from what you're used to, they can give you peace of mind while you're wearing them.


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Try DeodoMoM. I have a very sensitive skin and DeodoMoM is the only product that has worked for me while stopping the odor too. I tried several natural and crystal products and they just don’t work – at least not for me. From all the different products that I've tried over years this one is by far the best. It's also free of alcohol and fragrance. Good luck.

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