How do I Choose the Best Ginseng Drink?

Christine Hudson

Choosing the best ginseng drink among the many options available may be daunting, but understanding the basic types and their benefits may be able to help. Ginseng root or leaf is commonly used to make ginseng drinks and supplements. These ingredients contain adaptogens, which are said to increase the body's resistance to fatigue, stress, and trauma. Many types of ginseng drink claim to relieve stress, improve sexual function in men, and even aid weight loss.

Energy drinks can contain ginseng.
Energy drinks can contain ginseng.

There are at least 12 plants which belong to the ginseng family Panax. Chinese, American, and white ginseng are among the most popularly used ginseng forms around the world. When choosing the best ginseng drink for your needs, it is generally helpful to understand the benefits of each variety.

Ginseng root has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands or years.
Ginseng root has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands or years.

Chinese or Asian ginseng has been used for about 7,000 years to increase stamina, but the effects of reducing stress and other health benefits were not discovered until the 18th century. After this, Western cultures took an interest in the herb as well. It is claimed that Chinese ginseng is stronger than others because it grows in its natural habitat and usually is the most organic.

American ginseng may also be grown organically, as it was used by Native Americans for various reasons such as treating fevers and headaches. Studies have shown the root to be well-suited for treating stress, curbing appetite, and increasing energy. Some human studies have also shown it to lower blood-sugar levels in people with type II diabetes. One study has shown the berry to be more effective in treating diabetes than the root, but no claims have been scientifically proven.

White ginseng is lighter in color and general potency, but it has a calming effect, and many believe it tastes better. This root can be made into a hot or cold ginseng drink that is good to drink throughout the day. Red ginseng is also available for a slightly different flavor with virtually the same benefits. These varieties are common in large commercial brands of ginseng drink.

Reading the label of any ginseng drink is typically a good idea to understand exactly what is in it. Some supplements only contain a small amount of ginseng mixed with other supplements and possibly chemicals. If you are looking for a ginseng drink which has a high content or even 100% ginseng, it is important to be sure that is what you're getting. It's also important to note that the ingredient in Siberian ginseng is not actually ginseng. It is not of the Panax genus and does not contain the same active ingredients as ginseng and was renamed for marketing purposes.

The root and leaves of ginseng are commonly used to make drinks or supplements.
The root and leaves of ginseng are commonly used to make drinks or supplements.

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@ZipLine-- I agree with you, ready-to-go teas with ginseng taste very good. I tried a red ginseng tea drink once, it was a powder that had to be mixed with water. It tasted awful.


@burcinc-- No I've never tried that type of ginseng product. What you describe sounds like a supplement. I just drink tea with ginseng, it's sold everywhere. I drink it in place of soda because it tastes good and it has a lot of antioxidants. Ginseng is supposed to improve concentration and memory. I don't have that kind of high expectations from my ginseng drink though. I just like the flavor.

Since you use ginseng for energy, have you thought about trying an energy drink with ginseng in it? I see those energy drinks all the time, usually next to my tea with ginseng. I'm not a fan of energy drinks so I've never tried them but lots of people drink it. I have friends who survive on energy drinks during finals when all the coursework is due.


Has anyone tried ginseng and royal jelly? They are sold in small glass vials, mixed together. Ginseng royal jelly tastes very good and it's even more effective than ginseng alone. Ginseng gives energy while royal jelly improves the immune system. It's perfect for winter and allergy season.

I used to drink energy drinks with ginseng before but those are full of sugar and other additives. Ginseng royal jelly supplements are healthier and more natural.

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